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  1. if you have the time. some of the items runs out really fast. Like last year we went for the Avent pdts gone like within the Sat morning.... thik lots of pregnancies
  2. hey No worries!!! Just just the banner yesterday. Thought it will be Sept too but it did come out much earlier. The pricing wise will be cheaper however looking at this year's LCD prices it's just crazy. I've purchase a Philip's amblight 42" LCD TV at the IT show this March at $1599, last month I heard it was going for $1499 at Mega. So you may want to earmark the model you have in mind check the price at your favourite store and pop down to the carnival. After the purchase dun look back. Else bangz...
  3. carnival will be on from 23-24 May 2009. Banner out.
  4. We're intending to hang our mini DVD player on the wall. Will be getting some small wire trunking to hide the wires if necessary... hmm it's much thinner than the ones sold in your LHWS
  5. okies sounds good will dropby the place to check it out... been to Homefix and 2 other traditional HWS but can't find... hope to get it there. Do you know wat time it closes? Thanks MaCe
  6. Hi Anyone care to share where I can the handles for my casement windows? Manage to find some at a hardware shop but the top ventilation windows uses a slightly thicker handles. Is there a place that sells DIY windows parts? Example sliding window locks and rivets in brown colour to match the current window colours the ones at most hardware shops are the standard silver colour.