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  1. WOW!! your use of lightings really stand out! congrats
  2. sigh As they say in mandarin, yi(2) ri(4) fu(1) qi(1) bai(3) ri(4) en(1) You've really got to give your marriage a good shot.... However, like applefreak said, if after giving it your best shot you still think that happiness is not possible with your husband, then maybe you should consider getting a divorce. But a divorce should only be a final measure - not the easy way out.
  3. bro, no worries there. jan won't me - her hands itchy also.
  4. cannot!! we want visitors to give distinction, then we can
  5. wah.... siao liao then when i invite you over, you sure give me the fail grade one... We always wanted the Cuizino range, so it was quite surprising that in the end we went for Elba instead.... HOOD - HOB - Built-in oven -
  6. actually your kitchen looks nice. my personal suggestion would be for you to go totally handleless... at least there's a uniformity there.. my 2 cents worth!
  7. Back in the reno swing of things! I just signed up for the Cisco SafeHome programme and the security alarm. At only $36 per month, it's slightly above $1 per day. It's a cheap price to pay for peace of mind.....
  8. bro... finally over.... hands itchy....
  9. yesh... final philo exams of my life (*fingers crossed* assuming i pass) reno about halfway thru already. will take photos soon!!
  10. Yeah, this is puzzling. I thought that under Singaporean law, unless a will is drawn up before death, most goes to the government? for assets - In order to be recognised legally as the executor/s or administrator/s of the Estate of the Deceased, you would have to apply for Probate or Letters of Administration respectively. This is subject to approval from the Public Trustee. for CPF monies - Where the Deceased did not make a nomination, the CPF Board will transfer his CPF savings and and other monies due to or assets owned by him to the Public Trustee for distribution in accordance with the written law.
  11. EXAMS OVER!!!!!!!! RENO TIME!!!!!!!!
  12. Hi there Allo I got mine from Mustapha. B1 or B2 where they consolidate all the electricals
  13. hello neighbour! which block are you at?
  14. hey bro! long time no see. my fault - busy with final exams lah yeah, we'll be heading down to chaptuchak and will be checking out suan lum as well... will take this opp to get the nice nice deco stuff to do the house up after all, it's the little touches that complete the look right?
  15. Singapore Airlines (SIA) is offering $60 return fares to each of these six destinations: Amritsar, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Penang and Perth. The national carrier announced this as part of its 60th anniversary celebrations. The ticket prices are per person for a minimum of two-to-travel for the entire itinerary, not inclusive of airport taxes, fuel and insurance surcharges. Seats are limited and on certain flights only. Conditions, including no refunds and no changes permitted, apply, and customers are advised to check the booking conditions carefully before paying. The tickets can only be bought online at the airline's website - singaporeair.com.sg - from May 2 to 5, 2007 or when seats are sold out (whichever is earlier). Travel dates out of Singapore must also be between May 7 and 24, 2007. http://news.asiaone.com.sg/a1news/2...1_story3_1.html Anyone else in here going? Jan and I booked our seats to Bangkok already! Going there to buy some stuff back. My exams end on Wed 3 pm so after that, I can focus on reno - AGAIN! Cantona, You and mrs cantona wanna go too?