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  1. Hey greycat. I saw u guys a couple of times at carpark and neighbourhood. I even saw u (with short hair alr), brownmse and dog near Koufu last week... but i aren't sure if its you cos i don't recall u got dog mah... i havent been reading ur t-blog until recently... so indeed you have cut ur hair and gotten a dog. Hee... how's life? This weekend we cannot make it wor... we cheonging, or rather going for the Isetan sales... have to buy things for the kitchen. Sorrie, other time i hope. Enjoy your gathering ya?
  2. hey there... a little out of topic question too. wats the brand and cost of ur Xi Bing?
  3. doing all chores in 1 day is very siong. also cannot afford to be lazy. ya, getting the clothes dry during rainy days is a problem for houses that dun have afternoon sun.
  4. Hi Greycat, Long time no pop by ur blog. Reno progressing well! Hope to see u at the neighbourhood soon. Rgds Allo
  5. Quite true... But ur ID machiam dun wan more of your business cos he is discouraging u from doing more... It's quite true lah, we don't use that toilet as much as the one in MBR. But most of the time, H*B toilet just cannot make it.
  6. But normally by then get used and too lazy to reno again liao! kekez.
  7. I really faint liao!!!
  8. Wah, Idea! Hush hush.... ssshhhh... please don't suggest the BIG BANNER. Wait Mr Limau really go and get it! Then i faint. hahaha..
  9. Thanks Cantona7. 'Liverpool house'? haha !! Thats not deliberate effort to have Liverpool theme for the house. I think ur quote will make Mr Limau very happy.
  10. Thanks jamez! The grey canal is designed by the ID Designer. Our regret is that we didn't do up our common toilet. We had only overlay orangy 30x30 ceramic tiles to match the HDB basin and toilet bowl. The design of that toilet is really out. It don't match the other part of the house at all. No $$ at that time and we have put off the idea of doing up that area. Haiz...
  11. Hi ppl, I have not been active in my own t-blog... but i have been updating my own's blog dilligently... I have moved into our Lovenest gradually, bit by bit. Some major furnitures are not in yet but we are living with it at the moment. Life has been so far so good, cleaning chores have been frequent and dread at times Have updated some pics of the current status of my rather 'bare' house. We need to find suitable accessories & ornaments to 'doll up' the house abit.... If there is any suitable stuffs, please lemme noe! Feel free to browse and welcome any comments/feedback. My Webpage: Nest @ Jurong Cheers, Allo
  12. Cleaning?! Tell me about it. The cleaning tasks are dread at times. Ya, i think the house will only be really clean and dust-free after u have moved in and 2months of consecutive cleaning... cos dust is in the air, on the walls, in the corner of the walls/flooring. I have moved in already but there is this neighbour family diagonally opposite me are not friendly.. Was looking forward for good neighbours, guess as long as they are not offensive, we have to learn to accept it.
  13. Ya lor ya lor... like wat i have mentioned to u via PM, u have to be tactful. We r more glad to help u screen thru the quotation.
  14. Koikoi, the cooker is 1.8litre. Cake not bad... outside still able to obtain the crust.
  15. My fridge and washer delivery will be from 2-5pm. I have to be nearby my house at those timing... I dun have sofa, no chairs... so better go jessi's place the last? May I suggest to go koikoi's place, then my place, then jessi's place... i think Iced Latte's place wil be at tiling stage by this weekend, which will be out of bound... How?