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  1. lurgee is too bz at home to play ps3 liao.. didn't even touch the old games, not to say getting new games to play.
  2. Hi, Like to know if anyone have any window grilles contractor to recommend? Thanks!!
  3. hi, the wall behind our bed is wallpaper. we spend $700+ for doing that wall.
  4. he never teach me anything leh.. so got no skills to take pics and show off. hahaha.. ya i guess he become lazier eversince my mum started coming over to help me with the housework.
  5. ya lor.. i haven't visited your place after your furnitures were in. wah.. your rug very ex leh.. hehehe.. ok hehe.. then i wait till your rug in liao then i go view your home.
  6. To go to that shengsiong by bus, u will have to go to boon lay interchange and take bus 172 or 199. I think about 4 bus stops away. oh btw, ur home looks koikoi, when u going over? then i can chup one leg and go together with u hehehe...
  7. oh i dun have his contact no. anymore. u may need to get from koikoi. paiseh ah...
  8. oops.. i mean the cooker on the hob. but anyway i had given up hope. tried alot of types of cleaners still like that. hehehe.. i ask him liao then let u know.
  9. thanks i have the before floor plan but the after floor plan is not very accurate cos we made alot of changes along the way but i can look for it and post it here. hehe.. actually our bedroom quite empty except for the side with our bed. yup, i feel that you should only select your furniture after you confirm the "theme" and layout of your house so that you can choose the furnitures that best match and fit into it.
  10. wow, greycat! your house very nice. i like your kitchen! do you cook alot? u must be careful when u cook on your hob, the silver part of the cooker. that time we boiled some soup and it overflowed then stained the silver part. even the stainless steel cleaner also can't clean it liao.. then now 2 cooker is silver colour and that one is those tarnished brown colour. so sad.. so when can we go look see look see ur home? hehe...
  11. hey greycat, nice study room light. kinda retro feel ah.. when is mooncake festival ah? i also haven't buy mooncakes yet. wanna look for low sugar ones for parents and PIL. cos i think old folks better don't eat too sweet stuffs.
  12. hi greycat! so long never come in here and look see. nice to see that your reno is progressing well. ya i agree with suspended kitchen cabinets can't put much things. i also got alot of barang barang that i keep in the bottom cabinet then now full already. abit regret doing suspended cabinet, also don't really turn on the lights under the cabinets often.
  13. hi denoria, i had seen few of the units in my area just do casement windows for the svc balcony. i'm also still deciding between doing window or grills at my svc balcony. but i felt for security reasons, maybe grills will be a better choice unless you are not going to open your windows.
  14. nice stripes room! very good to be children's room leh.. the blue stripes room makes me think that it's a baby boy's room.
  15. greycat, nice to see the progress of your reno ya the air always dusty with all the renos going on. even till now my house still dusty everyday. both my direct neighbours doing reno now, then don't know which of their contractor always like to sweep dust and dirt over to our front door. can tell is they sweep over, cos their front door so clean then ours so dirty. angry leh.. but now also don't care liao.. sweep away already then next day still dirty again.