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  1. I'm in the midst of getting my divorce also. very tricky. minimal 3 years from date of marriage regardless of situation. i've got evidence that she committed adultery, from video of sexual activities, audio of sexual activites, gps, sms, email and all voice conversations but the court rejected the divorce. married on dec08, i moved to china in jan09. (replying this from china) the reason for reject is that it's minimal of 3 years. no house, no kids. I filed against her but the court rejected with the minimal of 3 years according to woman's charter. so she is now attempting to file divorce against me instead. not sure if it would work this time. long story. I wrote a program and installed in on her phone. and the phone would record and forward it to me. i still kept the few gigs of data just in case i need to use it to get things in my favour.
  2. any picture of what a ball trap looks like?? so far no resurfacing yet.. but it will take weeks before i see another again. I am thinking of buying some goute paste and regoute my toilet floors (DIY) I am so used to DIY that it feels weird having someone else doing it.
  3. i believe noone stays above me. vacant. now that you mention.. heavy rains. yeah.. but up to 4th floor???!?!? but complain to who specifically? HDB?
  4. LOL you think the birds think my house is a earthworm deposit box ah? nope no birds.. I got motions sensors everywhere in the house, so if got bird, i'll know. but i find it funny that i can find them in toilet only and not kitchen. i think they crawl up from the manhole. is that possible? the earthworms usually start showing up dead after i do my monthly chemical clean of the toilet and kitchen. I use a ultra mild solution of hydrochloric acid. 2.5% concentrate only.
  5. ok, i found me a worm today. it's a earthworm right??
  6. yap. except it's abit more reddish.
  7. well, on 4th april during my weekly spring cleaning, i had 2 earth worms. when i spot them again, I'll post some pics.
  8. LOL i wish.. but I'm too toxic that even silver turns black on contact with my skin.
  9. need to know where they came from before i can solve it right? most of the time i see them inbetween the tiles. they are definately earthworms. the problem is who to call? plumber? then i tell the worm dont move until the plumber arrive? LOL
  10. i just install my aircon from gain city. (DIY) 2 split units. MXY-2A with 1x GA10 and 1x GA13 for $1650. no installation, self-installed. hehe borrowed the tools from a friend that installs aircon for a living.
  11. dunno man, I think they crawled up from the manhole. been having this issue for 3 years.. zzzz
  12. anyone knows how and why there's constantly earthworms in my toilets? I'm staying on the 4th floor.
  13. I got a quote from a friend. not sure he can be trusted. here was his quote. mitsubishi electric 2 spilt unit only MXY-2E20VA 5.27kw MSXY-GA10VA 2.5kw x2 price $1773 + $300 for installation. is this cheap? 5 years warranty bracket not included cuz I am swapping my old toshiba single spilt for double spilt. the toshiba is not even 3 years old. I gave up on it. PCB board failed. replaced once DIY then louver motor failed, also replaced DIY once.
  14. i'm still using those HDB wall and floor kitchen/toilet tiles.. yeah they are hard to clean. I see my wife every sat scrub the tiles, I ended up buying her a 1.9KWh water jet compressor. now we just use the water jet to wash our kitchen and 2 toilets.. 30mins all tiles scrub as if they are new as day one. I just have to remember not to stay too long at the same spot. I tried to remove a stain, I ended up chipping the tile. my water jet is by karcher. I remember spilling milo on the concrete outside my maindoor. every month the ah neh come and spray water also cannot remove it. I keh kiang water jet the stain.. now the concrete outside very rough and got a groove. the waterjet dug out some cement.