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  1. My house also got the same problem... It smells sometimes... The smell normally should be coming due to the upper floor's pple's big business right? Anybody knows what does offset mean? My master toilet bowl should be offset 5 inch, common toilet bowl should be offset 6.5 inch. However, they previously installed two toilet bowl wrongly... and they switched back without doing any offset thing... So I guess my master toilet which smells is due to the offset is using the 6.5 inch one ? Any idea?
  2. Thanks all for the suggestion... Bought my table in Star Furniture... Table delivered in good condition... $604 in total. Here is the photo...
  3. Yes. I just did the same... Ordered last week... They will install for us this weekend. The curtain track is charged from 3.5$/ft onwards. So double just times ur foot run. If you want them to install for you, they will charge you additional 60-80$ for installation. However, if you customize any curtain from them, they will waive off the installation. For example, you make one Roman blind from them, they can waive off installation fee... Something like that...
  4. Like a set of dining table in Star Furniture. However no stocks, have to wait till mid next year... We wish it to be move in this weekend... Shall we take the display set or shall we wait for the new shipment? No discount for display set... But we are moving in early next year... If not, have to be about 10+days no table in the new house... What to do?
  5. Just wanna have a set of dinning table. Tempered Glass top. Those Furniture Mall type... But the price goes about 800$ a set at least for dining table + 4 chairs... Wanna have a cheaper set... Does anybody have lobang where can i buy similar set at a cheaper price?
  6. The remote control is included in the light itself... Not the light shop ppl provide one... Yours is 2 tubes inside or 3 tubes inside? Was quoted 250$ from another shop... So I thought we got it for a good deal...
  7. Opps... I thought mine was a good deal... anyway, $165 sounds a good buy... But I do find a lot of complaints on Palace Lights... Be ware... ^^ I am sure if one shop can give you the price... Other shops may as well...
  8. This is horible... I thought PJ is a reputable shop... But sometimes, maybe plumber just anyhow approach them, so they just anyhow recommend... Sorry for ur experience...
  9. Have went to Courts to measure their wardrobe... Even for the slidng door one... the inner side excluding the track is about 53cm or 21ft... I think is the practise... and since every wardrobe is about this size... So shouldn't have any problem... Get a relief now... because with the door, it doesnt look very shallow now...
  10. My common room wardrobe is only 53cm if measure inside... The place can cater for about 65cm... Not due to space issue... I measured my hubby's suit, the cover of suit is about 60cm... I feel 53cm is a bit too little... My master room's wardrobe the in depth is 53cm due to space constraint... So I suspect my contractor didn't instruct his worker well and only mentioned about master room's in depth... Or they just make their work easy by making the two wardrobe same size... But contractor say the board itself is 60cm, but they have to cut the two side to make it good & straight... So become 53cm ...blah blah.. Mine is the standard swing door. He mentioned if sliding door, because the sliding track occupy some space, so they use different board, so it can have more in depth... What should be the standard depth for wardrobe? And can they still do anything to make it deeper??
  11. Too bad... Already booked... I got a price of about 280$ for standard PD door... But have to add 20$ for my other standard PD door, because the other one is using clear arclyc panel & one side frosted film to have the frossted glass effect...
  12. How much is the two half piece MBR toilet door? Here is my bedroom dor... I painted low sheen paint... It's not the glossy type... Which turn out to be weired... My contractor say later this type hard to maintain... He should have warned us early... Anyway... Will get it repaint... additional 40$ for the repaint... And the door itself was quoted 180$ in the package...
  13. Remote can ask the shop to add... normally the remote itself for light is 30-40$. Mine is coming with remote control... From Lightning Bug at Baliester... You may check my blog for more details.. Blog I was quoted $250 in one of the shop in Baliester... Then $230 in Lightning bug... I bought some other lights from them too... So negotiated to become $210... But I think the price is adjusted here & there... As I feel some of my other lights is over charged... Anyway... I think if you only buy one light... Can get it at 230 - 250$... If you buy some other lights together... May negotiate down to about 210$ How much they charge you? I haven't moved in... Not too sure whether bright enough... You may ask the sales to help you configure the light... Say put 10w light tube as night mode... Or simply configure the LED to be as night mode... I think LED light itself won't be so bright... Ask whether light shop can do such configuration... It's quite complicated... Sometimes, they don't want to do it for customer if they didn't earn enough...
  14. I think I got this light... Newly installed.. Not sure whether will last or not... Mine, one click to 2 light tube beside, one click to the middle tube, one click to the side color changing LED and one click to all lights... This is the one... It comes with remote control as well...
  15. I am not sure how my contractor would charge for painting alone. He did the whole renovation for us, didn't specify how many color can I choose... Seems no limit. And his painting would include main gate, doors, frames, ceilings & pipes. He will help us plaster some stripes left by HDB original deisgn in the wall as well... The quotation for painting alone is quoted S$950. Quite reasonable... My house is 4-room HDB flat... 90sqm. We upgraded to Odour-less range Nippon with another 200$. If you are interested, you may look for my contractor Jackson from Homely Image... I don't know whether can paste number or not... You may PM me if you need his number.