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  1. Hello Renotalk folks,

    I am looking to advertise/run a survey for a project. Could I get your advise pls?

    thank you.

    Lionel Lee



  2. Try this shop? Or call them see if they can bring in for you? 482 River Valley Road Tel: +65 6735 1478 http://kitchenstory.weebly.com/
  3. Got another shop to try: http://kitchenstory.weebly.com/ 482 River Valley Road Tel: +65 6735 1478 or go Ikea
  4. Hello All, New shop opened at River Valley (opposite manulife - Tiong Bahru) Alot of interesting items on sale! http://kitchenstory.weebly.com/ Cheers
  5. Damned chio man your house. Can imagine liao...even not completed yet...
  6. Kaoz! Is that like S$40?! So **** cheap. Everything is so freaking expensive in Singapore lor. So horrible...how come u travel overseas so often leh? Should start importing cheap and good home decor stuff for renotalkers leh...!!
  7. Can can, I will do a housewarming, will invite you for sure :-) Racecourse road that side prices very slow moving...anyway you are happy with the place, so dun sell lah... No lah hawker centre move back long long liao... I paid COV $18k for this unit, abit much for that location and its condition - think will stay put for a longer time here as the place is very quiet very serene, away from the hustle and bustle. This unit is bigger than my current place. ^ ^
  8. Congrats! I was at their launch - was itching to commit to a 2 bedder but din! Cheers
  9. Very very little - even tho the place is rather original condition. Just make do with it... I will try to post some pictures soon...**** lazy to post pictures...
  10. ha ha - honestly speaking not much profit lah...hence the minor renovation...
  11. Forgot to add: Aerogas Hob $275 include installation and delivery! Total $7893