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  1. Got the RENO AGREEMENT Form (your property agent one)? I would like to play safe and make the buyer sign that on top of the HDB one. Thanks
  2. Me too.. I've got Ikea office Table ($600ish), bookshelves($100-200ish), wardrobe($600ish)... bought in 2005. Barely 3 years into it, all the backboards of the bookshelves and wardrobe loosen.. and you can take your clothes or books from the back..keke.. the bookshelves... curved down on the load of books (uh..it's a book shelves..so i put books)... The office table.. laminate peel off... One of the smaller bookshelves is wobbly now.. and you can move it.. if not..it will fall apart.. all in all.. i think those furniture my parents bought from the neighbourhood furniture shops last more than 5 years on average. So nowadays, i just go for real furniture instead of ikea. Ikea is nice to look at.. not nice to use. maybe it's just me being rough with the ikea furniture.. i dunno...
  3. I very sad leh.. U only mentioned the balcony swee.. never say my bedrooms swee ..hehe.. Ya.. This balcony guy is good. Yours can also be turned into this type.. 'coz there's another 2 3-bedders who did more or less the same thing. For mine, it was about $13k .. Very worth it in my opinion.. coz when I sit there at the dining table, I feel like I'm in a hotel alfresco dining with a view but the 3 bedders folks mentioned they did theirs for around $5k (their balcony is half our size in terms of width and length , if i'm not wrong).
  4. My dining Table from Lorenzo and Osim uDream. Wallpaper of the 3 common rooms. MY ID Lacked Quality control.. The LCD Tvs could not be installed in any of the rooms :- 1) the gap between the Cable hole AND POWER SOCKET was too wide for 32inch LCDs. I specified already. So, now they have to resolve it. Coz I dont want to see the power socket.. **** UGLY. 2) I am using 3 meter cables to run from the Cable HOLE(which is placed too high) and still barely cannot plug into the TV. Need 5 meters! So they will lowered the hole to near the power socket.
  5. My Dining Table for the balcony.. from Old Empire Thanks.. here is some more of the Balcony. Simple and Nice..at least according to my own standard The Balcony is done by DESIGN4U (not my ID). I think it would be horrendous if I let my ID do the design on the balcony!
  6. Thanks guys.. the wallpaper at the main corridor is indeed very nice but the TV feature wall is WHITE wallpaper with fine threads (but become like a white-painted wall)... and choose a little softer brown cloth-like wallpaper covering the whole living area.. but again turns out like painted in brown. So lesson learnt is wallpaper must use darker colours or richer texture type then will be nicer.
  7. Yup. I like mirrors too.. But mine was done without much "Extension" effect. I believe the mirrors need to cover the edge of the wall to have the extension effect. Oh for wallpaper, you might need to be more bold with the color tone and patterns. I had a white wallpaper with fine threads and now it looks like a wall painted in white. Very ugly.
  8. Eh.. if everything is under the platform storage... How do you wash your floor? Wouldn't water seep into it?
  9. Chio chio man Like how the 3 pc drawing complement the dining set. Bedroom really got design woh! But hor.. ur bedsheets.... too red.. seem to steal away the focus of the fine "cocoon" design of the bed feature wall/ceiling.
  10. Yup That's my intention as well. Tomorrow will talk to the ID about it .. Totally unacceptable piece of work by his carpenter. Now left only with tomorrow's housing cleaning .. followed by Wallpaper ..and done..
  11. Ya, think plummet is the cause.. But now too late to rectify.. if they built the plummet, the feature wall become too long.. Nevermind already.. just accept My House now **** BRIGHT! Even for the warm light that is supposed to be the cove lightings for all the rooms and living area. I just need to on my cove lightings can illuminate the living area and dining already! ..haha.. Think must change the lights (probably a year from now) to something that is dimmer .. like use LED type.. His view of lightings also weird.. he choosed all the big ceiling lights for the bedrooms and toilets as well. Think the smaller ceiling lights will look better in the small constraint rooms/toilets instead. Guess he never put much thought into the lighting portion. So for those who are doing reno, please remember to see whether the lightings recommended by your ID fits your ROOM.. I saw your night lightings on your blog.. that one looks better.. Very COSY and nice The ambience all come out already..I feel like I am in a nice lounge bar when i saw your night lightings. walau.. i drool when i saw yours... You use LED or the T5-T9 ?? So .. I think if everything goes the way it goes.. William will be getting less business from the forum if people chanced upon this reno.. keke.
  12. Oh, that's good to hear Guess I will have to wait till 6th Oct to know the result. You have any idea on the halo-effect for border lights along the TV frame? I was thinking whether it was due to the lack of translucent covering on the lights. Maybe have to do one myself Oh another thing... We have a full-length mirror shoe-cabinet... but is it normal to have only the mirror as the sliding door without a plywood support? I don't have the photos here .. but the whole freaking mirror door wobbles when you slides it... and definitely a safety concern since there's no plywood supproting it from behind... This one will iron out with the ID.. in case anyone engaged him or other IDs, make sure to check on what type of wood they used to do cabinets and such (the specs and material used is not listed in the quotation).
  13. a little disappointed the mirrior did not create the illusion of a bigger living/dining area. I think the mirror need to be filled from wall to wall to create the illusion as a frame kinds of prepares the mind to perceive it as a painting or sorts. The bedroom TV feature wall (simple as i just wanted lights coming out from the bottom and top). .. but somehow.. the effect does not seem right... The whole room is literally like daytime ... Any suggestions how to make it become like a hALO-effect..