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  1. Hi everyone, I'm back to renotalk to seek some help. My top hung wooden sliding door has been getting stuck in the track. I would like to repair it myself if possible instead of getting a carpenter. Would anyone be able to advise on this? Below is a pic of the roller at the top of the door. I'm not sure if i just need to tighten the nut to bring the door slightly higher...
  2. coldflamez

    sliding door

  3. popping in to say hi. Waiting to see what new patterns you have. lol
  4. hi, i tried to pm you but your inbox is full. the company's contact is in my signature. Overall, i would rate his workmanship at around 8. In general not bad, but had to rectify a few items. good thing is that he has not shrink from his responsibility at all and will send his people down promptly to settle any issue. My reno cost around 23k, but it really depends on your scope of the work. plus i would imagine that things will be more ex after 1 year because of inflation and more expensive labour cost. good luck for your reno!
  5. Hi, the brand is Alloc. Unfortunately, i don't know where you can get it anymore. We got it from a shop that was closing down and had to sell off their stock cheaply. The laminate is supposedly quite ex but we got it for very cheap. Good eye to identify our place!
  6. sorry for the late reply, i have not been checking my blog for some time... my contractor did it for me, it cost abt 2.2k. If you are keen, my contractor's contact is in my signature.
  7. hi, you might want to try lightcraft. They have quite a wide variety of lights. I got my bedroom lights from them. Just google and you should be able to find their website.
  8. Waa, still got people visit my blog ah, haha... Contact sent!
  9. i like green also! even though my kitchen is very orange... haha...
  10. agree that the glass panel seems to be blocking movement. Why don't you just install a glass door at the entrance of the kitchen to keep out the smell when cooking?
  11. wow, very swee bathroom!! I like the colours of the bedroom walls also.
  12. how's everything? enjoying your new house?
  13. Wow, that's a lot of work. Kudos to you.
  14. I think there should be ready made ones in the market. They should be cheaper than custom made. If you are going ahead with custom made, remember to have railings for the stairs too!
  15. yup it's black. Think the standard cheap CNS gate only have black colour, haha... Alright, will check Homely out. thks.