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  1. If I am not wrong, ventilation fan is prohibited in kitchen according to HDB rule. even for the hood, we cant choose those ventilated type but can only install the recycled type It is Ok to install ventilation fan at toilet
  2. Hi Mabari, welcome to t-blog. We are neighbours; but I have not seen this layout before eh...our unit similarity is "the long and narrow kitchen" that shattered my dream island table in the kitchen
  3. I use Toshiba inverter system 4 too. so far so good; cold even turning on all 4 at once, quiet, cooling up rate is fast too. I think its worth spending few hundred dollars extra...
  4. hi shumin, you are now the official owner of this house, congratulationsss!! btw, this unit seems pretty well maintained ya, are you going to have a major transform?
  5. Ang Mo Kio?!! haha...
  6. I am suffering from eczema around my neck as well. It started when I stay in Japan 3 years ago; too dry during winter may be. Went to see a Dr in Japan, and he said probably because I am not used to the seasonal weather there. I am now back to Singapore for good, but it doesnt seem any better. I went to National Skin Centre but still I was just asked to apply steroid cream or take medicine for stop itchiness. nothing can be done to cure it. It comes back after every 2~3 days...
  7. hi ahpooh, I like your concrete kitchen cabinet. I kinda regret to do the solid plywood cabinet under sink area. Yours is nicely done and it gave modern looking as well. btw, what is this garbage disposal?
  8. If your reno work only involve carpentry; no problem for you to go for JB ID. But if your reno work involve hacking and wet work which it needs HDB permit, I dont think the JB ID can handle the job. One must be the HDB licensed contractor to do up the job. Matters to consider are not only at reno loan.
  9. Oh yeah...the ventilation fan really helps. I like to take hot shower, even when the weather is HOT. When I switch on the fan, the vanity mirror doesnt turn foggy. No issue for the next person to go in straight after hot shower too. marsh, is ur moldy cabinet resolved with borax?
  10. I like my Hitachi Z582; 4 ticks. I have been using it since Feb 2011; so far so good. I can keep vege for 3 weeks and it is still fresh...
  11. I am keen to know this as well. Is the curtain especially the night curtain a remedy to alleviate the "sha qi" from hdb edge pointing? may be sis mae can enlighten us...thanks thanks
  12. Welcome welcome veronehoo... I am another Jurong West-er reporting here. If I am not wrong, your layout is the 65X series right?
  13. Yes, the long and narrow kitchen made our dream kitchen shattered!! There are many restrictions for the ID to play with as well.
  14. yeah yeah...my unit is with full height window at the living room. I thought your unit also have the full length window at the balcony as well?