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  1. Hi Guys, I am urgently in need of direct contractors to do my flooring. Please kindly PM me if you know any. Thanks a lot.
  2. deals in marbles, work in Ubi. 2 retail sales needed. experience not required but must be ready for retail hours. training will be provided. for PR and singaporean only interested please email resume to tommy.singapore@florianagroup.com
  3. johnsson suisse originated from malaysia with factory in malaysia.
  4. thanks for the assumption but my bagau will not be facing at my neighbor door....
  5. does it need to be 開光 or just buy and fix will do? if need, anywhere can buy already 開光 ones?
  6. i only know one of the boss name Ivan. not sure of surname. managed to got the check in full refund. hopefully it dont bounce. When i was there to collect my check, the counter girl asked whats my name and took out a file with lots of invoices and checks attached. seems many ppl is asking for refund.
  7. let me get back my check and i will share... i used this method a few times it wrks but i am not sure if it works with furnishing company, as they are well known to be promise beakers.
  8. managed to get a full refund from the boss just now
  9. Half year ago, i have ordered and gave instruction for the furniture to be delivered on 30 dec 2011. on the first of December 2011, i went down to pay the remaining balance, they told me they cant deliver because they have some fire in their factory. earliest date of delivery is 11 Jan 2012...... Ok Fine. another bombshell came, they do not have the color that i wanted anymore! was asked to reselect the colors. I demanded a refund and the salesman yaya told me cannot, u never read the receipt? no refund. argued with the salesman that it was not i who do not wish to have the furniture but Rozal is not able to deliver on time and the color i wanted is no longer available. after some talk, i decided to give them another chance(3rd chance now). chose the color and delivery was confirmed to be on 11 jan 2012 Two days ago, the salesman called me to tell me they cant deliver on 11 jan 2012 because their delivery is full, now changed to 20 Jan 2012. I demanded refund and stated that they have broken their promise now for the third time! after the salesman said that they will give me a temp sofa so my guest can have a place to sit, i already moved in for 2 weeks ago... i decided again to give them the forth chance. delivery was supposed to be today but no one came! called up to looked for the salesman but he was not around. the person answer the phone call was not very polite and asked me who i am and i told him i am a customer going to cancel my order. asked for my salesman mobile no. he did not give and told me he is in meeting and unreachable. I told him just ask the salesman to call me and he replied who am i again. i told gave him my no, and told him since he cannot make decision don waste my time just ask my sales guy to call me and he scolded KNN and hang up my phone! am totally pissed to the max! called the HQ and asked for the boss, the boss not around and they cannot reveal his mobile. asked the lady to pass the message to her boss to call me and i gave her my name and phone no. she asked me about my order no. so i asked her if she can make decision, she said no. so i told her than whats the point of giving u my order no. i told her i will tell her boss when he calls me. she told me if i don give her my order no, she cannot ask the boss to call me..... am going down tmr to the HQ to look for the boss myself.... **** fcuk up!!!!!!!!!1
  10. yet again they delay my furniture delivery another week later............. thats 3 times in a roll, if play bowling, i would have gotten a turkey!
  11. Am having problem with my original material selected, delivery date given by hq was not honoured and the salesman **** yay after i have made full payment. Told the sales staff the material was not the original ones i chosen and he even dare me to cancel and told me no refund. When i was there, i saw another couple also have problems with their delivered goods. Hope mine is fine. Beware.
  12. i have no idea of hoods, anyone can enlighten where can i go se live demo for fujioh, rinnai, turbo, etc hoods. TIA
  13. Anyone can advice where can i see live demo sets for fujioh, rinnai. Turbo etc hood? Am not sure of thr suction power. Would love to feel it before deciding. Tia
  14. a new setup by a multi mine owner specializing in marble is looking for outdoor sales and retail sales person. We have offices in China, Dubai, India etc. No experience in Marble needed but outdoor sales must have experience in dealing with main and sub contractor in project sales. min. basic 2.5k plus 1000 transport allowance plus claims for carpark and tolls. higher basic with relevant experience indoor sales, preferably deals with any construction stuff before, need not be marbles. min. basic 1.8k also need a coffe boy(male/female) just to make coffee. no cleaning sweeping or whatever. basic max 1.3k interested pls email to tom_kkh@hotmail.com working area ubi. PR n Singaporean only just for the record, i am direct from the company not recruitment agency. i seldom log in so no pm pls. our groups webby http://www.florianagroup.com/ our marble business webby http://www.florianaconceptmarble.com.