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  1. Very good condition Lorenzo high back 4 Seater half leather sofa for sale. Dark brown in color and bought in May 12 at $1699 and wish to let go at $800. Selling due to space constraint. Dimension is L257cm x D88cm x H95cm Contact me at 97768809 if interested. http://singapore.gumtree.sg/c-Stuff-for-Sale-household-furniture-Lorenzo-high-back-4-Seater-half-leather-sofa-Bought-in-May-12-W0QQAdIdZ442395531
  2. Bringing up an old thread. any one noe where can i get this in singapore now?
  3. I m sure which batch my side belongs to but I guess the upgrading should be starting in Q3 this yr bah because voting was done in early jan this yr. Well... still not too sure how the work will turn out coz they are going to open up another door in the balcony.
  4. Nice design! I got the similar layout as urs and also in yishun as well. Will your blk be undergoing the lift upgrade soon?
  5. hahaha... cannot lah... my mummy now busy with CNY preparation leh...
  6. I remember mine was covered with the white crement and now after polish the joint line is still there.
  7. hi blues, just relax and hang in there... marble polish is the most impt part of ur reno coz u have already invested so much in the marble tiling... just pray hard and monitor the polishing work closely
  8. Welcome to RT and best of all, welcome to yishun ! ur layout is actually the same as mine, except that i have wall infront of the main door.
  9. I tink she might be the promotor for bosch bah... or the comm for selling bosch is higher... tat time i was looking at elba coz their pricing is more pocket-friendly but in the end we settled with EF coz John feel that the design is nicer.
  10. i tinking of baking some chocolate chip cookies. will be having a trial bake tis wk end, if i success then i will bake some cookies to ur place on 24 jan
  11. huh... no more display ar... hehehe nvm lah, u can come to my place and see loh since u r living in yishun as well or u can refer to my pic in this post http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?s=...&p=440563... i tink i still have the booklet that shows the various models of washer for elba and ef, i can pass it to u for your reference. $860!!! that is almost $300 diff leh... u considering to get electrolux??
  12. My model no. is WF7101LS, 7kg load. I tink u can consider either Elba or EF. My mom told me that Elba brand has been around for a long long time so i guess their appliances should be quite reliable. Further more their local agent CASA (S) Pte. Ltd is also the agent for Ariston. U can go to Mega Discount Store at United Square, they have a few models of front washer on display there. I got my washer from there, 7kg washer at $590. I tink that should be quite a good buy bah....