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  1. Well, something happened at home.. An accident with the glass sliding door in the MBR.. Dad pushed the door open and it disintegrated into a million pieces, got cut up some but it wasn't very bad. Any of you using the same sliding door should be extra careful, can't imagine how bad it would be if it happened to a kid or left some facial scars on anyone.. Horrible.. Please remind everyone you know with these doors to be very careful and gentle with them..
  2. Recently bought a new item for the house, this chest on wheels.. There doesn't seem to be space for anymore large items in the living room after this, so we'll probably not be getting more furniture anytime soon.. How we got this chest is quite interesting, we got it from a restaurant that was shifting and trying to get rid of their furniture. This was their display piece at the entrance of their shop and we thought it looked like a good fit with our large sofa. It was sold to us for a token sum of $200, great buy..
  3. Hahaa.. No particular solution for us, just happens that we do not like grilles and our cat is a scaredy cat. We used to try not having windows opened unsupervised, until one day we left it open and saw birds perching around nearby doing the usual birdy stuff they do. Cat just sat around looking slightly interested. Pretty passive cat we have here and thus no issues with windows and jumpy cats.
  4. Sooo.. We got ourselves a pool table Wanted to put it in one of the spare bedrooms at first but cue kept hitting the wall hahaa so end up put in living room
  5. Great stuff! Way cool, must have been quite some work. >_< Saw the Danish oil today in a shop, it had a warning saying stating that while rubbing the oil in with a cloth, it might self-combust..
  6. Nice reno you got going there, I like how you don't just stick to a certain theme.. Your home should be a reflection of you, what you like, what you want, what makes you feel comfortable.. Hua hi dio ho! Saw that your aircon trunking goes into your wardrobe, don't know if thats gonna be an issue in the future. Humidity problems might arise.. Good luck and have fun!
  7. Hello fellow Jurong Wester.. Our floor plan is almost identical except for the living room (mine is corner unit), I think we probably live in the same cluster of flats.. Wish you a smooth reno..
  8. Pineapple! Hahaa.. You still haven't gotten around to doing your reno.. That balcony is **** nice, if I had something like that, I'd remove all grilles, do a bartop like thingy all around with bar stools.. Can have friends come over sit around, look out, have drinks.. Nice.. Hahaa..
  9. Yo! Nice blog! We spent many many hours at Soon Bee Huat (Toh Guan) as well, at least.... 15? Let me count.. First time, we spent about 4 hours walking about cluelessly on the ground floor and then the upper floor, jotting down details of nice tiles.. 2nd time there we spent 8hrs, hahahahahahaa.... We finally decided on the tiles we wanted, none of which were the ones we saw on our first visit. 3rd time, about 3 hours, making final decisions and made a couple of changes. Reading about you spending hours there brings back fond memories.. Good luck with your reno!
  10. Hey wendily, thanks! Having maos at home sure makes the reno process tricky huh.. Almost all decisions for the living room had to be done with the cat in mind.. Our maomao is 10 years old this year, she doesn't really do a lot of climbing or exploring and our book shelf is safe from her.. Hahaa..Actually we place books/things strategically so she can't even get onto the 2nd tier.. Just saw your reno, wow.. Love the space and the windows.. Droolsome! My wife is dang jealous.. lol..
  11. To you guys out there who also want to keep a nice indoor plant at home.. Might be a better idea to just have "tie shu" instead of this China Doll plant we had.. We tried our best but its pretty much gone now, lasted quite some months.. Sad la..
  12. Koda carries A LOT of dining tables, mostly wood and rectangular. There are many more designs there than what you can see on their website.. Most things were very reasonably priced but I was there during their sale and when they were still exporters, not the retailers they are now.. That commune shop at Millenia.. Their prices are ridiculous.. But they do stock good looking stuff.. Oh, I had that table when you visited my blog then, just that it was covered with table cloth.. Hahahaa.. You.. Ordered suar wood table.. In.. Singapore? >_< I'd estimate you spent at least 5-8k on a single table then.. Yikes.. But then again, I bet it'll be beautiful. Like what an effeminate furniture designer once told me.. You're not buying a piece of furniture, it'll be an heirloom.. Do post pictures of it when it's done, must be really nice.. I don't think Koda does customization but you could give them a call and check with them..
  13. Hey, I have this table, the bigger version (2m) with a small side table.. Think you saw this at Millenia Walk right? The price is shamelessly marked up there. I believe its about 1.6k for this table which is about 1.6m long, my 2m one of the exact same model (Tusk?) is priced about 750+ from Koda at Defu Lane. Here's a pic of it now..
  14. Yeah, we got rid of all the gross stuff by ourselves and did some major cleaning afterwards.. They were squishy and gross so we used sticky tape to stick them up.. Good thing was that they were pupae, not maggots and thus stationary.. Here's a pic of some tape after we stuck a bunch of them.. Kinda harmless..
  15. Haven't posted in quite a long time, just wanted to talk about a recent incident at home. We went on holiday for a couple of weeks, asked parents to come over daily to look after maomao, feed her and clear her potty.. Water our plants.. Guess what, the folks left some of the windows opened a few days and it was the rainy season. When we came back, we found slight mould on a few pieces of furniture (wood) and also fruit fly pupae on the kitchen floor.. Yes, pupae.. At least 50 of them, seriously gross.. Parents totally did not see anything nor did they know what happened.. So, moral of the story.. Don't leave your windows opened during the rainy season if you have wooden furniture or cat food/poop lying around.. >_<