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  1. Hi Salormoon It was a package deal with sofa at 3.3k though not sure about individual item
  2. It is sitting on the table leg can be removed any time
  3. Thanks tankee. It was love at first sight for us we had to get the shop to customise for us to a smaller dimension due to space constraint
  4. Hi Ayazumi Bought it at marina square it was a package deal with sofa at 3.3k. We love the design too.hehe
  5. Last photo of the day.. . . .. ... .... ... .. ... .. . . .. . My lovely 2m L shape sofa! change the inner to downfeather for more cosy feel. Seat on it SHiok! but hor the custion was very bloated, i think need to sit on the sofa for a few mths to sink the cushion. Dimension just nice for me to put two tower speaker behind
  6. Yesterday just went to my hse to receive my Table and Sofa. Heard and saw many renotalk forum people complaining about the chip and issues and problems of their table and sofa. Was praying that ours is alright Table base arrived. Did a quick check. Looks pretty decent and okay! Table Top glass up. Rotate the camera view for better view My four Dining chair. The colour of the fabric is actually the same as my Sofa. Keep it aside first as i am doing the cleaning of the house.
  7. Now for the Aircon, i chose Mitsubishi instead of Panasonic as i keep hearing issue on the latter brand. Not sure how true but decided to pay a bit more to be safe as i am using System 4, anyway i know the aircon guy so he is charging me cheaper My living room aircon 26k BTU. Has to be that huge due to my open concept Kitchen Work in Progress Aircon is up.. Finished Product! Tested it and it took ard 15 mins to cool up my living room. Not bad!
  8. by the way, my glass shower screens are all up but i forgot to take photo. will take tomorrow and post Heres my MBR toilet door only photo i have of my glass
  9. and so the work started.... i didnt took photos of them assembled the cabinet as i feel like obstructing the workers.... hrs passed.... and passed.. and... gone... waited.... for.... 5 hours... and finally it is upz! the bare partition without glass door. take note that i do not have wood backing and the back of the cabinet was actually my wall four partition to hang my clothes and my wife's clothes. 2 each although i got a feeling that she will snatch the one from me... drawer with locks here it is fully done up wardrobe cabinet. take note that this is a bit see thru one so i need to keep my clothes tidy
  10. some updates last thursday took leave to receive my wardrobe and aircon My wardrobe cabinet was done by outside contractor and not from my ID as i love the design the melamine wood which they say was resistant to heat and condensation. loving this big piece of glass door the drawer
  11. eh sliding window consider track?
  12. :bow: :bow: :bow: 100marks for the artistic drawing... amazed!