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  1. i have heard many cases of moldy v.hive wardrobes....
  2. you can also check out any neighbourhood hardware shops. i got mine from a hardware shop just downstairs of my home
  3. sis Mae, just drop by to say Hi nice photos you have from your trip~ i'm also looking forward to my holiday later this year... kekekeke
  4. yo!! long time no see! i have "dived" (潜水) for a long time liao hahaha ya lor i agreed with many others here... after 7th month, durian season over liao leh. in fact now it's already the end liao...
  5. sorry just saw this today... yea the permit is under the ex-owners' names.... they were really kind to help us in this and there is this indemnity form that everyone needs to sign, which basically said that the ex-owner not responsible for anything or something like that.... the form can be downloaded from HDB, contractor/ID should know. hope it helps
  6. bro the plants are really nice... we are now looking for plants too being a "cactus", does it mean that u don't need to water it often? hahaha
  7. Congrats~ very nice view! i never knew Marsiling side can have sea view!
  8. wahhhh her 1st daughter is old enough to be the 2nd baby's mom...
  9. bleah.... i dun like the current "view new content" function... last time one was better... now only display updated thread for the past 12 hours... made me miss a lot of update, including those on my own blog! not run on battery, it has some moisture absorbant inside (cobalt chloride maybe?? not sure...) and there is usually an colour indicator at the casing. when the indicator changes colour, it means the dehumidifier is full liao, then plug the dehumidifier to a power source to regenerate it and reuse again. yay~ i'm thinking of a lighter colour theme for the common room.... maybe will go for a birch theme? that's what ikea is best at rite hahaha
  10. now how many supervisors they have? during my time there were 4... like that very soon your wall will be covered with pictures... no need to re-paint the wall next time. hahaha
  11. yo sis Mae, congrats!! i feel that the more heart warming thing is the sms he sent you, such a sweet boy! just btw, when i last visited your home, i already felt that your 2nd son is very well-mannered very hard to find boys like him nowadays haha hee i guess that's how parents usually feel about their own children? that's something my mom said too... hee no matter what happened, there is nothing as close to your heart as your own flesh and blood
  12. let's officiate this LAKAD club... so you can sign up... sis Mae cane be our honorary chairperson the wait must be kinda sian rite~ no good date in these 2 long months at all? cannot be la.... btw you managed to get the guy who tries to sell the osim vacuum cleaner?
  13. while i agree that as time goes by, i do feel that my stamina is getting worse e.g. when going to gym, but i think you are not too old to have babies lor... i know plenty of pple who gave birth to their first baby at an age quite a bit older than you... haha actually my mom gave birth to me when she was 43... haha but i m not the first born la.
  14. i hope they'll never get the permit to modify the lyrics to have such song performed during NDP would be a total disgrace to the nation..........
  15. mould bugs strive well at environment with mould, becos the mould helps to break down mould bugs' food (starchy stuff, fabric, plaster.. like what Kerio mentioned) for their easy ingestion. imho, Dettol is simply not good enough. use bleach solution (dilute with water at 1:49), or Borax solution (can't get in Singapore). On Borax, search for mould-related thread on RT, a bro called Topspin has provided a lot of valuable input on this matter. So far found Borax to be better. with Dettol, i need to wipe once every few days, for bleach, once every 2 weeks but Borax, once every month. those ants/insects poison can be found anywhere: supermarket, neighbourhood grocery shops, home-fix, etc. around $2~3 for a small box of powder. More establish brands like "Combat" costs more. my guess on why MBR and kitchen more susceptible is becos these places are more humid - kitchen you have all the cooking activities which introduces moisture, while MBR you have toilet and frequent on/off of aircon (causing condensation)~ well just my guess