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  1. so sorry to hear that me also was very stressed .. have been waiting for almost 3 years .. that's why decided to buy resale .. now my unit almost done with renovation .. planning to shift in this thursday .. hope everything will go well wish u luck also nesh .. hope u find ur dream flat soon dont give too much hope with the HDB Sales thing .. otherwise u'll feel more & more stress ...
  2. how about dulux all and supreme 3 in 1 .. it said easy wash also ... will the colour come off if we rub them ??
  3. which brand is better ?????? really confused of choosing my kitchen laminate .. any advices are welcome
  4. anyone had experience with IKEA fabric sofa ?? how was the quality of it ?? thinking of getting one, bcoz it feels so comfy
  5. may i know where did u get the package ??
  6. hi nesh .. so u got ur flat already? please share ur story
  7. cant wait for another ballotting tinggy .. and also no guarantee i'll get one from hdb also .. so i already bought my resale unit ... 1st appointment 15 january .. still long but at least i feel more relax now .. no need to do hunting for places anymore
  8. hi .. may i know who ur contractor is ?? looking around for 1 also at the moment ..
  9. woaaaa so envy ... so big ler .. my new home only 90sq .. sob2
  10. wow u guys are very lucky ... had the chance to choose me so bad luck .. finally buying resale ...
  11. where is the location ?? is it resale ?? looks in very good condition
  12. i vote for the 2nd one looks more elegant & expensive
  13. the kitchen looks not bad leh .. cant wait to see the pic of whole house
  14. yay yayyyy .. cant wait to see the final pic ... *waiting waiting*