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  1. It will be better if you can go down to HDB office personally instead of calling them. HDB also delayed the approval to hack away our walls. My hb went to the office and everything solve within the day. Before that he made few calls too but things never move.
  2. I have the exact same door as yours and i think your lockset installed on the wrong side.
  3. Actually Bishan ceiling is much lower compare with other areas. We initially wanted to install the ceiling fans but also cannot meet the minimum height required.
  4. Wah, so many Bishanites. I am officially a Bishanite since 4 months ago... Staying at St 12, 4S unit. :-)
  5. The instant heater around S$170-S$180... Actually most of the heater also around that price
  6. Tampoi, JB. Quite near to Pulai View Condo. Is a 3 storey 3 shop houses combined to one, very big, can easily noticed from main road.
  7. Errr... actually mine is RM38
  8. I purchased all my lights from JB. Only paid 7% GST and we get some tax exemption altho we didnt stay more than 48 hours. Usually the shop will ask if you want to have separate receipt or not. Meaning one original receipt and one "price reduce" receipt for custom declare purposes. However, if you do calculation, 7% isn't that much even you use the original receipt because the price really much cheaper. Usually if you purchase from Malaysia, the total price will not be more than S$1k (S$1k already RM2.4). 1k X 7% also 70 only. Remember to buy more spare bulb cause it is cheaper and i suppose no expiry date bah?
  9. Your floor plan looks like mine. 4S unit. Yeah, simple & small.
  10. Errr... you sure you want the one piece kichen sink with solid top ah? The solid top ppl also recommend us to do that but when we asked him if we can pour hot water into the sink. He answered :" errr... cannot pour hot water lah". Like that how wor? If you cook, definitely will put hot things in the sink ...
  11. As mentioned in our earlier posts, maybe we are getting the right group of sub-contractors. We do not have much coordinate works. They arranged the works among themself. The best part is that we have nearly zero hiccups and nothing to rectify... Very experienced sub-cons & very good workmanship! We are very happy that we do not engage ID at the very first place. After reading so many reno ports, i feel that a lot of time the problem occurs because your msg need to pass thru too many mouths to get to the person who do it. If getting sub-contractors, you are telling directly to the person who work on this how you want the works to be done . That's how we save all the troubles bah!
  12. Only for those who believe in Feng Shui... avoid red & black at the kitchen. Besides, red in feng shui : "Red color carries the energy of Fire element in feng shui. Fire has always been a symbol of divine energy and can be both destructive and creative. It represents the energy of sun and life. A balanced feng shui Fire Element in your home will bring joy, excitement and sexual desire. In feng shui color decorating Red always signifies richness and luxury. If used too much, though, it can bring restlessness, burst of anger and over stimulation. Better use it with caution, always easier to bring Red with details and accessories, rather than with furnishings or wall color." Quote from somewhere~~
  13. Errr.... 46" TV looks small ah... Mine only 26"... Thinking to get one 42" TV after CNY ... still smaller than your 46" leh Mine also 4S unit so I think our living hall size should be the same...