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  1. hmm, you asking about the master or the common tiolet tiles?
  2. Thanks. Hmm...total cost is about 34K. Sofa is $599 nett, including delivery.
  3. Really dislike that when i Look out of the kitchen window, I can actually see what my next block neigbours are doing. Saw so many topless Uncles... Just had a rollerblind that is customised to the kitchen windows size installed. Just pull down to block off...adding privacy.
  4. I will like to recommend MissionLand. It is also a yeloow ribbon project. Service is good and reliable. They charge me $160 ( special rate ) for a King size bed frame and matress, few pictures frame and about 50 boxes. They also need to climb up 2 flights of stairs for both the new and the old house, as both house are non-lift landing. Usual rate is about $180 - $200. PM me for contact.
  5. It is rather stable. Can use as a breakfast table, but you cannot press your body weight on it. Can use to put plates and stuffs.
  6. Thanks. The kitchen has a glass panel door in front, so I can keep the smoke away from the living room during cooking...although I seldom do so...
  7. I really empathise with your plight. I guess having a good ID is important,maybe even more important that the company itself. Justin had been giving me and my hubby lots of suggestions. The doors are the same type as those you will seen normally as in most reno package. It just that you can chose any laminates you wanted. Most people does not realised it. They normally pick the more conventional timber looking type. And the add on, on the doors, you can chose to add on more stuffs, like silver strips...square frame etc. I saw special looking doors on an interior mag from HK, and really like the idea, and ask Justin whether it can be done. He says yes...just whether the home owners want to choose more daring laminates.
  8. Hi. I did not hack the storeroom, cos I am a very messy person...need to stash away all my barang barang...and hide it nicely behind a door.
  9. Finally moved house. Now the house is sprew with boxes and boxes.Never realised that I have buy so many things over the years...
  10. Thanks. For the gas cylinder, it is included as part of my reno package, so no extra charge. The track supplied are heavy duty type, and it is built to hold the weight of the cylinder. That's what my ID, Justin told me. As for the pull out tray, I wanted it last minute. I was charge $180 extra for the pull out track.
  11. It's a manual one, so it is cheaper. Got hot/ cold water, can wash front and back... But no blow air and music...that type very expensive. THis one cost $320. It's a nice indulgence.
  12. Thanks. Now packing to move in. I am aiming for this sat...
  13. Yar. BUt it is the only and one piece. I think they are having another warehouse sale next week....
  14. Both Lights buy in Penang. Master bedroom is S$120 and Living room is S$300.
  15. My sofa and the rug A value buy at Harvey Norman warehouse sale recently- $99 only