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  1. Thank you everyone for your comments. Hee.. We wanted to take these pics when the place is new so we can always rem how it looked like cos I think when the kids' barang barang grows, the place will look less and less "showroom" condition.. haha
  2. Hi ashes02, Yes, this area that we bought are mainly EAs, EMs are further down the road. Thank you for your comments and I love my MBR too!! hee.
  3. Hi xherion, Thank you. For the whole place inclusive of furnitures, we spent close to 50+k. Reno alone is about 30+k. I thought that's pretty reasonable.
  4. Hi Pinkpetter, Havent been here for a while. I only know its solid surface but I'm not sure what brand it is. Perhaps I can check with my contractor and give u a reply later?
  5. wah dearie!! Thanks for uploading our pics and your efforts. Many many thanks oh!! Thank you peeps, for your comments on my reno! hee. Personally, my fav part of the house is my MBR toilet and my dry kitchen.
  6. Yeah man... that's my pride too!! hahah
  7. The laminates look quite nice eh.. By the way, do you have floor plan or any proposed layout plan for us to take a look?
  8. Poor Havencaveman had to be there till abt 8 pm last night just waiitng for the furnitures from Scanteak.. then.. sigh.. wrong dining tables and bench.. Anyhow gotta wait till CNY over, then they will do the exchange. grrr... Anyway, some random pics taken last evening. The Fridge is up!! A little bit closer The dry kitchen from the other angle Master bedroom Painted (A bit messy) Master Bathroom with the glass up Master bathroom Master Bathroom (glass reflecting MBR lights)
  9. Hi Honeygal, for me and caveman, we normally upload to photobucket and copy the img link here and the pics appear pretty big. Maybe you can try that?
  10. We have the same room door!! I like your long bath, very nice with the tiled up effect.
  11. Yeah!!! Just got a sms from the shop saying they have delivered my bath accessories!!! The Boss had to personally pick it up from UPS HQ and deliver it to my place. yippee!! But i did thank him for going the extra mile though. Today, quite a few things would be done up, namely, 1. My laminates in all bedrooms 2. My master bedroom wardrobe done and installing today 3. My Master bathroom accessories to be installed and tiling to proceed. Happy!!
  12. Sigh... the master bathroom accesories are not here yet.. this is seriously delaying my reno progress. I've been calling the shop to get an update and this is the latest info I got tracking this shipment on UPS website.. I was told it will be here tonight, clear customs and all. Tomorrow morning it will be delivered to my new place. The laminates are due to be up tomorrow so i really hope it would come on time as promised.
  13. ok ok , thanks, help me get the contact please. Yup, moving in only after CNY cos not in time to do so before CNY but reno would defnitely be done up before CNY.
  14. Thanks for offering your help, dear! But I think we'll only need it on 7-8 Feb le.. For curtains, I intend to only do for the rooms, as for the living drea and dining area, i intend to get those bamboo blinds from Ikea (as depicted in the 3-D drawing). You got lobang for curtains ah?
  15. Wah!! so cheap, ok i go buy and re-spray it to yellow!! ahaha