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  1. Can some kind soul please PM me the list of good/bad FSMs please. many thanks.
  2. Seeking reviews, as i can't seem to find any. thank you.
  3. hi, can you share the cost-effective ways of removing negative energy from the home? I started using white sage some weeks ago, are you referring to this?
  4. so which WC brands are not made in china?
  5. Length 1.66m Depth 0.93m. Cream colour. Cash & carry. Technical problem and unable to upload pics here, so please PM me for pics.
  6. Wee Kiat, thanks very much, that's something new to me! How do you use the powder? Lots of rinsing involved? $65/300g will last how many washes?
  7. Please recommend a good company which can do thorough post-reno cleaning. I previously engaged one which was quite bad, a lot of areas were not cleaned at all.
  8. Only 5 month old BOSCH Cake stand mixer. Excellent condition, no flaws. Rarely used. Will sell at $140 (retailing at $199). -550w motor -whisk, dough hook, beater -3.9 litres capacity -cover lid -integrated cable storage **Unsuccessful in uploading pictures here, please PM me with your email address / mobile number and I will send the actual pictures over**
  9. 3-month old CCO-38 Cornell oven, 28 l, 2000W, with fan, baking, grilling, rotisserie. Can easily take in an 8 inch diameter round baking tin. Very very clean. Selling coz upgrading to a larger capacity oven. $50 only! My bakes using this oven:
  10. Deciding between the two. Rowenta tabletop oven is $799 and Ariston FZ51 built in oven is only $499. Can anyone please advise if the tabletop oven produces lower quality cakes, compared to built-in? Or do they perform just as well? Why does the tabletop cost so much more than the built-in? Appreciate your views.