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  1. Hi edenstrauss,


    can you please give me your contractor contact?


  2. Hi, I m not a contractor or renovator. I m a home owner who shared my experiences in getting walls restored in my home.
  3. Hi folks, I am still unable to post photographs or even copy links or words onto these posts... If you are interested in seeing my videos on DIY of floral arrangement using a unity knot as a base, please visit my blog directly at barbettey.blogspot.com thank you!
  4. Hi folks, It's been a lot of running around for me just before Christmas & I guess all the way to Chinese New Year ... I finally got down to doing up what I had been wanting to do - DIY of Chinese New Year décor revolving around the Mystic Knot theme. please visit my blog for videos.. <pending - can't post any photos or copy links>
  5. Hi Tini, Do you intend to sell off the flat in the future? And are kids applicable in your family nucleus used by HDB to procure this 3-room HDB flat e.g. planning for kids in the near future if this is a matrimonial flat? If the answers are Yes for the above questions, then I would not recommend that you bring down any bedroom walls. Reason being that you might have difficulties selling off your unit unless the location is absolutely fantastic; and putting back the walls while your personal effects are still in the flat isn't an easy task. There are plenty of considerations to make e.g. rewiring of powerpoints, airconditioning units, risking damages to your existing flooring, spending $$ to put back the wall (workmanship is important for us as home owners) etc. And for open concept kitchens, it does make your flat look spacious. However, there are drawbacks too if you cook often. Even with a kitchen hood, no amount of "power" could stop cooking fumes, grime & dirt from moving to other parts of your flat e.g. living area, bedrooms & other personal effects (furniture, electrical appliances) that are placed in your living area. Reason being that exhaust pipes channelling cooking fumes out of kitchen windows aren't allowed in flats & condos. Unless you are prepared to clean up the entire flat after cooking each time, I personally wouldn't recommend that you take down kitchen walls. Just my 2 cents worth.
  6. Hi folks, here's a collection of video on fortune cats for fans of the great Maneki-Neko:
  7. This is the black version that I'm referring to. A solid cat figurine, not coin bank. I think this has the panache of a genuine Japanese made cat. Look at the eyes. It looks fierce & is popular with the working professionals. However, you must express an instant connection with the cat first before getting it... some says that it gives them the creeps but both my hubby & myself love it. Photograph - courtesy by Siri Paradise.
  8. Hi how would you define "design oriented" for 招财猫 ? R u referring to those artistic sculptures that are featured in magazines on designer homes? Those have nothing to do with 招财猫 and can be found in art galleries or customised at a very high cost by firms specialising in creating sculptures. The genuine Japanese version of 招财猫 is far from being cute looking (yes, unlike those that I featured under this thread) ... In fact, they look fierce as they are cut out to take care of important aspects such as wealth, health, etc etc. Take a look at this: - Photograph courtesy by Siri Paradise This is the genuine made in Japan cat. I was actually more interested in the black version but I have just too many cats in the house already... You can visit the webpage of Siri Paradise to see if you could find any of the cat figurines to your liking. http://www.siriparadise.com/
  9. Ooops, I almost forgot all about Le Petit - this cutie cat with his signature purple wisteria theme. Please visit my blog & read up more about him at the following link: http://barbettey.blogspot.sg/2013/10/maneki-neko-part-iv-le-petit.html Cheerios!
  10. This Golden Opportunity Cat is a haute favourite of mine! Also from Siri Paradise. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the last Maneki-Neko to be added to my collection ... I named him Fujisan after Mount Fujisan - U can read more about him at my blog: http://barbettey.blogspot.sg/2013/10/maneki-neko-part-vii-fujisan-golden.html
  11. Here comes another Maneki Neko themed product that I got from Siri Paradise ... A couple figurine that's a must have for hubby & myself You can read up more about the product at the following link: http://barbettey.blogspot.sg/2013/10/maneki-neko-part-vi-couple-cat-figurine.html
  12. I bought this solar powered cat from Siri Paradise & tried my luck in creating a mini video on it .. here comes the cat with a ticking tail! You could read up more about it at my blog : http://barbettey.blogspot.sg/2013/10/maneki-neko-part-v-solar-powered-cat-by.html