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  1. hi there, i suggest you to use composite wood. I know that real timber wood has good reputation but that is in the past, in the past real timber is so durable because of there are from old giant trees, but now trees don’t grow that big as it takes 60-100 years. This naturally decline the strength, inner stress, compression and tension in real wood. Yes, natural wood grain gives the wood a beautiful look but natural wood cannot last long. Of course, composite wood can “fake” the grain and improve its aesthetics but right now people use composite wood mainly for these several reason; Can last up to 30 years (from google) ; no crack line, Eco-friendly (don’t have to cut down a lots of trees; will not cause global warming), Termite free, Design; lots of colour to choose from and no varnish. Composite wood is getting more and more popular so I advise you to get composite wood. There is a lot of composite wood out there, the best kind of composite is co-extruded deck (at least to me, from my experience with timber decking) you can also check it up yourself. Co-extruded decking has been use in USA for over a decade. Thus, it is very reputable. You can try thenewwood.com, It is an Australia company but have distributor in Singapore but it is very hard to find the distributor. I have found 1 distributor in SG in the past but somehow lost the information, the SG distributor did not utilise SEO yet but at least you can use the website I give as reference/guideline to purchase composite decking. That’s all, hope it help
  2. i know that but it does not answer my question. anyways it is okay thanks for the help
  3. base on the guidelines u have given i think it will cost ard 7-13K for all renovation if u are looking for contactor. else DIY will should cost ard 3-7K
  4. example: If scaling everything uniformly, then the golden ratio is maintained. If scaling a square or circle, scale it using the the ratio 1.618 for a bigger square or circle, or 0.618 for a smaller circle. If you pick any circle in the grid I used, it will be 1.618 x bigger than the smaller circle within it, and 0.618 x smaller than the next bigger circle. This grid was constructed geometrically by drawing circles and pentagons. The golden ratio that can be found throughout this grid and is a consequence of working geometrically. What you can do is create a square or a circle, e.g., 2400 px by 2400 px (or any size you like), then make as many scaled copies as you like by multiplying each copy's height and width by 0.168 Then you will have a set of shapes from large to small to work with. The thing to remember about using the golden ratio is that it's a proportional relationship that we are dealing with across height and width (and depth if working in 3D), not an arithmetic relationship. Hence, standard units of measure, e.g., mm, pixels, etc are of little relevance. Having said that, we still have the constraint of working with pixels when it comes to small icons, especially on low resolution screens, but that's only because pixels are large relative to the size of the finished design.
  5. hello folks hoping to get some advise, is it important to include golden ratio in design?
  6. very nice but next time you can get those ID cum contractors, they price will be even lower
  7. I think it is not worth doing that unless you are renting it out. This might get you in debt
  8. Hi any ideas for minimalist concept for living room?