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  1. Hi, My credit card company credited back the amount I paid in my last statement. Smile smile smile :-) What about the rest of you?
  2. Dear fellow forumers, There was an article on the topic on TODAY paper on 21 Sep. You can read them online. From the Invoice numbers, I think there were at least a few hundreds victims involved. The money must have been in few hundred thousands. More should report police. @Maralec ChongLim I feel the same. We are just too trusting. Can we trust that the system will ultimately do the right things? Let's hope so.
  3. Anyone has anything to share on small claim tribunal? What about CASE? Can anyone confirmed that his sales was with Gary himself, and the picture posted in this forum is the guy himself? I am not into getting the money back, but hate to see bad people do bad things and can get away with it. Can all the latest victims please lodge your case to the police? You can do it online. Especially those who has paid their money in August. The company clearly already cannot deliver at that period. If my case is still bordering on commercial liability, yours were quite clear that the company has knowingly entered into contracts with you without the intention to fulfill them. So, they have lied to cheat you to handover your money. The Police wouldn't want to investigate due to lack of evidence. I really not sure how they can get evidence without investigation. Lesson learnt here and please let all your friends and family know, never buy anything that you cannot take away from non-big name companies in expo shows. Especially if the companies were registered fairly recently and has no GST registered status. These episodes have shown that we are all too naive and trusting to hangover good money for a piece of promise. What's worst? Bad people can actually do this stunts and not get investigated. We think online transactions are dangerous because we have little recourse on the sellers. Think again.
  4. The company is going into liquidation. Going after the company is not going to help. So CASE or Small Claim Tribunal is not going to help very much in getting back our money. Unless you want to take up civil case against the directors, be mentally prepared that you are not going to get back any. Only police can serve some justice by going after the perpetrators. I hope more people will file police report especially those who had made purchase very recently. Hopefully it will push the police into investigation. Otherwise, I am not sure how to give them more 'evidence' they need in order for them to start investigation.
  5. @dannyseesg I received this sms from Gary on 2/9 00:05 You did not get it because your delivery is not due yet. I think you will get it soon. You said you made your purchase on 9 Aug. The company already has problem delivering since early July.
  6. Hi. My purchase was on 5/6/16 also at Expo. Buy from salesman Dave. Never met Gary at the show but was referred to talk to him on delivery matter. Supposed to deliver on 5/7/16 but keep on delaying, and then after 10/8/16 non-contactable. This early morning received an sms declaring his company going into liquidation. Looks like a very Kiang method. The company was registered in Oct 2015 as a PTE LTD company. Get itself registered as SFA member. Arrange for shows in Expo. Collect deposits then within 1 year, filed for bankruptcy. Furniture delivery time lag is already 1 month. Put in lots of excuses and drag for another 1 month, meanwhile, go more shows and get more deposits all the way till August. Not sure collected how much money. During the period, the staff said they already resigned so not their problem. So left this Gary who supposed to be the boss but never met him. Pte Ltd company, now no more money, what can we do? Take civil action? Against the company that told you she has no more money? Go file police report for cheating, the police can tell you insufficient evidence, cannot take action. This time there is no Vietnamese kneeling down begging or something scandalous exposed to the public so they wouldn't investigate. Disappointing. Meanwhile, do we know if those staff that resigned already working under another company getting more sales at new shows..... I get this pic from his WhatsApp profile picture. Can anyone confirm this guy is Gary?