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  1. Hi, can PM me your catalog for ceiling fans with led lights? adi75@singnet.com.sg
  2. Thanks for the info and link. It's a good read!
  3. Hi expert members, My prev owner hacked down a room to make the living hall bigger. I am thinking of recreating the room back. Any members here have done it before can advise me on the costs? I think it would need 2 new walls and hack one wall to have access to kitchen. Any adivse on what to look out for? Store room also gone, may wanna create the store room back to store stuffs. Many thanks!
  4. Any idea on how much would it costs to make a concrete wall back?
  5. Thanks guys, will look for the metal detector!
  6. Hi, anyone know how does those professionals drill walls? Where to drill and where to avoid? I dont wan to hit any metal beams in the wall. Thanks.
  7. Wow nice! I've always wanted a pool table at home! So jealous
  8. Hello.....can PM me contractor info as well please? Thanks