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  1. Thanks for the good information. I've no idea that I will need additional foundation work to raise a usable level in the house. By the way, what is HS? Cheers,
  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment. The unit I'm looking at is acutally a corner terrace, but it's actually end to end, meaning that I don't have a corridor on one side to go from the front to the back of the house. I do know that the neighbour is intending to do a 2.5 storey rebuild in the unit next to mine. I have never thought about water runoff from their roof. Is it a point to be concern about? I can't imagine how their water runoff will impact my unit in anyway as the rain still falls on my roof too right? So in your opinion, it's possible to do a 2 storey unit for about 400K? What is the difference between a 1.5 storey and 2 storey unit. In my mind, I think it the same. Cost is a concern as we don't really want to spend too much but want a bit more space and privacy. Hence the 1.5 storey idea. But if the more experienced homeowners can share they thoughts and lessons learnt, I will really appreciate it as I'm relatively new at these things. Cheers,
  3. Thanks guys for the warm welcome! Perhaps I should look look for an architect as a starting point. Oh. That's interesting. Can you share what are the new rulings? I can't seem to find it on BCA's website. Cheers,
  4. Hi guys, I'm new here. Looking at a very nice single story terrace house that has a build in/up area of almost 2000 sq ft. Am looking to extend it upwards to 1.5 story and adding 1 or 2 bed rooms with a toilet on the the level above. Perhaps a roof garden if the space allows. About 800 sq ft of additional space. Would this be consider A&A works or reconstruction? I understand that there is a difference and the additional cost implication can be quite significant. How does the psf price works? Base on the whole house or the worked areas? Or the land area? I think this rate varies wildly from 100 to 200 psf for these type of works, depending on materials and extend of teardown/buildup? As for other renovations, perhaps a relocation or addition of an additional toilet as there is only one at the moment. And remodeling of the kitchen to allow more light in. I'm not one of those that needs fancy kitchen with island concept or wet/dry areas. A traditional one that is well laid out is fine and dandy. If there are any recommendation for great service providers, it's be helpful. I'm looking more of a one stop shop than attempt to do the co-ordination between various contractors myself. Any comments, advice or suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Regards,