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  1. actually you can, but people dont because they do not want unhappy events from staining the renov. if you cleanse your home before and after then should be no problem... because the negative energy is purged.
  2. In the event that you choose to move in only after the 7th month.... during this period try to lit white sage in an incense holder / smoke the house with white sage once a week. This is to prevent unwanted presense during this period. you can refer to http://sacredsagesg.blogspot.com/
  3. hi i got some personal PM and instead of retyping , here is it for all. for those who feel something in the house ie from previous owner or you just seem to see a shadow at home at times, then you should really consider white sage. for those whom found that the unit has a sad past, you need to send to the owner of sacredsagesg.blogspot.sg coz depending on the severity... you many need a lot... this one i really cannot comment already. unfortunately for me, my unit has a past that i do not know... it took me a long time to follow purge till i am at ease.
  4. Hi btw I am Chinese before I move in I engaged Fengshui master but a few years later things started slowing and some work problems. I just this to purify the house and re energize myself Seems to work for me as it calms me ... Think got a lot of articles on Internet this is not meant for a particular religion but more of cleansing home and oneself especially if you work at places with a lot of negative The last time I buy from peninsula plaza but u can also check out http://sacredsagesg.blogspot.sg there should be a few blogs in singapore
  5. Just to share, I have been introduced by a friend to use white sage to cleanse the home. Have tried for 2 months now and have some positive results. You can surf the internet on cleansing using white sage.... recommended to be used for cleansing before your own religious or fengshui practices. if you need more info on where to get , can pm me.