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  1. I think you can go for an ombre shade to use on diy furniture from ikea or on the wall? Same color but lighter shade? Can mix with white paint to get a lighter shade for contrast but depends on whether you want to highlight the color as well
  2. Looking good. MayI have the link for the dining table, barn doors? Do you think you can review on the quality of these 2 andthe cost for them?
  3. Bro, which wooden countertop are you referring to?
  4. Cotto brand, you can check out the thai website and look for the distributors I think. Haven't checked the website but I know there's a few shops carrying cotto brand in malaysia. Singapore I don't know as I have yet to come across the brand in sg. I don't care about the brand. I care about budget, and water saving factors more. Craft bricks is cheaper in malaysia definitely but transport + customs tax I don't know. Need to self arrange as no delivery direct to sg. But if anyone wants to order them, best is to do it before April when GST kicks in.
  5. I don't keep track of renotalk stuff alot. Only read here and there. Actually, Not only roca stuff, there's also like toto brand and it's joint brand with a thai co, cotto brand in JB. I recall a forumer brought back his craft bricks from JB so I reckon, tiles can be brought back too if there's some transport.
  6. Ah, well there's always the option to drive to JB and bring one of them back. There's like a big showroom in Bukit Indah or Johor Jaya if I'm not mistaken cos I think I saw them when I went into JB,
  7. About your toilet search for roca WC.. I'm really curious.... Why didn't you check with roca singapore and ask them for a show branch address in singapore if they have any? If not, you could ask whether there is any distributor that carries their brand. Because frankly, distributors especially the small shops will try to give reasonable pricing if you are really a serious buyer. Most of us have to do alot of digging and comparing results on the shops and of course the right direction to go for the sales.
  8. My understanding on the amp rating for cooking hobs goes like this.... Induction Hob can range from 15-30A depending on the wattage range. your induction hob is in. Eg, Total power of cooking hob is 7000W or 7kW which requires a 30A rating & the cooking zones on the hob will have different kW. (You can read the specifications for the model you are interested in) This is why for induction & vitroceramic hobs, you can't fully utilize ALL cooking zones to the max because you will be pushing the amp rating further. Usually for 30cm hob, you can use only 1 cooking zone while for a 60cm hob, I think max is 2 or 3 cooking zone at the same time. Different models will have certain limits for the max number of cooking zones you can use at the same time, so be sure to check with the shop or manufacturer for clarification regarding the usage in HDB. I'm using a vitroceramic hob, 30cm by the way and have been using only 1 cooking zone to cook at a time because I was told this by the salesperson when I bought my hob last time Aircon amp rating is 15-20A. For aircon power affecting the amp rating, I'm not sure but I do know the amp rating is in that range. So combine with the usage of both cooking hob and aircon at the same time, your amp rating will have been exceeded by then. Probably a power trip or fuse blown as a result.
  9. I thought the mixer tap is usually installed slightly above the tub, kinda like the standard ones besides having a shower hose used in hotels? For this bathtub at APA hotel that I mentioned, the tap is shared between the wash basin and bathtub. The tap as you can see has a long spout and movable that you can swivel left and right to use above the tub or at the basin.
  10. You've mentioned your wife is a Japanese earlier in your thread. I can see she has incorporated her style in the home interior design. I like this because it has a soothing feel. If you have lace curtains with or without patterns hanging on the mild steel partition, it will be a softer and reminiscent feel of 80s vintage style. About bathtub, the smallest bathtub in a hotel I've seen is at the APA hotel in Hiroshima! But really cute design as it is in the shape of a egg Show you a picture of their bathtub here. The tap is shared between the tub and wash basin as you can see & sitting in it will remind you of the olden days in japan where people bathed in a wooden circular tub?
  11. Your home makeover gives me the feeling of a slightly distinct japanese style except that if your home had those japanese shoji sliding doors instead of the mild steel partition, it will definitely be more pronounced in the modern-japanese style. Muji doesn't even come close to describing your house style considering that Muji gives me the feeling of a low cost 'thrift' store ambiance
  12. Nice place. Never saw a pastel scandinavian look before.
  13. If you notice that in Japan, the streets are really clean! During my stay in japan last time, I couldn't even see any rubbish litter on the streets. Even there are no rubbish outside of the bins unlike how the rubbish is strewn around the bins in HDB void decks & surroundings when the bins are full. I discovered that the japanese are extremely FIT because their train exits are via 2-3 stories of staircases as well. There are those who stay in apartments and recycling is done manually on designated days because if one misses the time to throw out the garbage, the garbage will have to stay with him until the next time. Frankly, the values of being clean, organized and clutter free is pretty much doctrined in japanese people that they clean up after them which I think is not bad because it teaches youngsters the same value and the youngsters also see their seniors walk the talk too.