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Found 8 results

  1. Lucky Khoon, A&S Lighting is a humble bathroom, kitchen and lighting company opened by a small group of friends who are plumbers and electricians. We believe that with our decades of expertise, we can excel in providing better products that are durable, easy to maintain and, most of all, value for money for our customers. After six years, we have expanded into 2 showrooms : Enterprise One @ Kaki Bukit, and Tradehub @ Boon Lay. Lucky Khoon currently operates a small fleet of plumbing and electrical contractors, dedicated to providing you quality service. Visit our showrooms at 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #01-01/02/03/04 Enterprise One Singapore 415934 Locate us 24 Boon Lay Way #01-72, Tradehub 21 Singapore 609969 Locate us Websites luckykhoon.com.sg aslightingsg.com Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/luckykhoonbathroom https://www.facebook.com/aslightingpteltd/ With your support, we will continue to offer great products at great prices.
  2. Like any other plumbing fixture, septic tanks also require maintenance, care and attention by homeowners. Many people are unaware of the need for care for septic tanks. Hence, a detailed systematic action plan has been discussed below to help homeowners in maintaining their septic tanks in the best manner. If the following guideline is used, then the requirement of a plumber can be reduced. Guidelines for care of a septic tank include: · The very first step is to understand a septic tank properly. You can either talk to a plumbing contractor for a proper explanation or use the internet for detailed information about the kind of septic tank you have. The septic tank is used to clean water that consists of solid waste and scum. · The second step is to make sure that the septic tank is given enough time to separate the waste from the water. If the tank is not given enough time, the waste will not be removed properly. Hence, one should conserve water as much as possible and watch out on the consumption of water in the house. Faucets should not be left open, other fixtures in the house should not be leaking, high efficiency fixtures should be installed, all the laundry should not be done in one day and must be distributed over the week. · The third step is to avoid the placement of heavy objects right above the tank. Things like pool, cars, cement and shed etc. should be kept at a distance. · Markings on the ground above should be made to make sure that the growth of trees does not affect the functioning of your septic tank. · Chemicals and other non-biodegradable things such as plastic should not be flushed down the drain. Some of these things include, diapers, tooth picks, feminine products, cigarettes, litter of any sort, tissues, gauze tape, paper towels, condoms, paint, grease, and bleach. All these things tend to interfere in the effective working of the septic tank. · Households with septic tanks must never get a garbage disposal. The drain field can clog due to the garbage and cause a serious problem. · Pumping and cleaning of the tank should be done periodically. Certain factors upon which the pumping depends is the number of people in the house, the amount of water consumption and the size of the septic tank. Plumbing service is required for the purpose. ____________________ Please share your experpice with septic tanks Thanks Visit at - Los Gatos Plumber Plumber Los Gatos
  3. Hi, I'm looking for reliable and recommended Electrician, Plumber and Aircon Service guy. Thanks for Pm me..
  4. Hahaa... initially I had started a community blog but then decided a T-blog here seems more fun as the useful input from people (who are more experienced than I am when it comes to home renos) is more instantaneous and that would really help to guide me along in real life as I'm battling through my crazy renovations. So... here's the story. I had initially set out wanting to DIY my bathroom renovations. I had lofty ambitions of doing it as I'm in a 'transition' period at the moment so have some free time on my hands to, err, do something with my hands. Also, my budget is(was!) very small... I was only able to afford to comfortably fork out $3k max for these renovations, which I reckoned would mostly go towards the materials and only in the case of really needing the professionals to do stuff I really knew I could not do (i.e. plumbing and waterproofing) would I use part of that small budget I had squirreled away for engaging them. I am very confident in my own dexterity and my skills; on top of that, I am also someone who never ever thinks anything is beyond learning and doing. I was adamant I neither wanted to use an ID nor a contractor, as I have done some brickworks and other cementing work before in my life. Plus, I've been spending the last few months watching Youtube videos so am now suitably qualified as an armchair contractor! However, after several heated arguments with my parents (neither of whom was forking out a single cent for this reno), I gave up and was forced to engage 'professionals' for this job. I calculated, albeit naively, it would cost me 'a bit more' than my initial budget, probably in the region of $4k, which from my extensive research was a general estimate for most bathrooms. I thought that since I simply wanted a very SIMPLE and industrial theme, it was not at all like all those expensive showy bathrooms with gold taps and other such nonsense. I mean, my name doesn't start with TT Boy was I wrong. And stupid/naive/egotistic/narcissistic to not have seen this from the start! Sure, some of you are saying "If you don't have money, why waste it on something so useless and impractical as a bathroom renovation?". I know we don't spend most of our time in the bathroom, that not everyone who comes to the house will use the upstairs bathroom and besides, here's the funnier thing-- I don't even live in the house! But. Sadly, I have always hated my family house because the design, colours and funishings are so puke-worthy fugly. Every time I use the bathroom (and I don't even go back that often! Like once every 3months??) I am reminded of how it looks worse than the kampong toilets I've been to in my lifetime. Kampong toilets are actually decent looking, even though they aren't too hygienic. Anyway my bathroom is so fugly until I cannot stand it. I don't know what Keppel was thinking when they built the place-- was the designer a 5000yr old Englishman stuck in delusions of the 17th century? It's that bad. So, anyway. The fact that I was so adamant to do this is testament to my deep hatred for the bathroom, and to the fact that I'm not doing this to 'show off' to people but instead this is a real personal issue I have with the bathroom. I want to go in and feel "Ah...such a nice, clean, modern bathroom. I feel so relaxed, happy and peaceful...", not "OMG this place is so fuglyyyyyy, this would be the perfect place to hang myself in!". Basically too much of the spaces I do use when I go back are very shamefully fugly, and such an eyesore especially when nobody bothers to take care of anything. It's bad enough that fugly is not something you can wash away with bleach... imagine fugly and years of willful neglect. So I decided to take remedial action as soon as I had saved up enough. As a result, I am now almost $8k out of pocket as the cost of this g-**** reno keeps escalating by the day. And when I say I really, really, really cannot afford it, I mean it. I'm not one of those people who always claim they're broke but in their bank accounts there's enough money to feed the entire continent of Africa for a week. As an entrepreneur, I have no savings. Zero. The first time I saw more than 2 zeroes in my bank account was when I was 29, when I got a good project that paid well enough for me to save a little rather than live from hand to mouth. And now, because of this bathroom reno, I am back to square one
  5. Hello Could anybody direct me to an electrician or plumber who can install an under the sing garbage disposal Thank You
  6. Glad to have found this forum. I'm looking for a plumber to re-run all the water pipes for my HDB flat. Would really appreciate if you guys have any good and reasonable rate plumber to recommend. Many thanks in advance.
  7. TOTO Eco Washer > No electrical power supply required > Soft closing seat/cover > Easy Installation(No drilling and hammer required) > Hygienic(Self-cleaning nozzle) > Fits onto most toilets > From TOTO factory original and genuine parts, includes 6 months warranty on parts(off-site). > Direct Factory Price!! Delivery Leadtime 1-3 weeks Models available:TCW03s/04s/05s/06s/07s/08s Feel free to call +65 9069 0362 Whatsapp or SMS for any enquiry or quotation. Email: sales@powerelectrical.com.sg
  8. Interested in buying 2 sets of Graywater System - Saniflo 008 SANIVITE. If i can find Plumber or Handyman to Install for me, for 2 toilets. I will buy them. They cost about S$1600 or less to ship over. http://www.ebay.com.sg/itm/Saniflo-SANIVITE-Gray-Water-Kitchen-Bar-Pump-Grey-008-/300829104502?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item460acfd976 http://www.ebay.com.sg/itm/SANIFLO-SANIVITE-WASTE-WATER-PUMP-1004-LISTING-IS-FOR-AUSTRALIA-SENDING-VAT-/141093646401?pt=UK_DIY_Materials_Plumbing_MJ&hash=item20d9d63041 The instructions are here : http://www.saniflo.com/upload/products/16/manual_sanivite.pdf Or anyone can introduce any gray system for HDB? Most graywater system in Singapore aint suitable for HDB. Anyone can help me pls pm me. Thanks!