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  1. The floorplan is exact same layout as mine! I’m in BP And moved there in 2016, didnt have issues getting hdb approval to back the store back then though! Coming back to this portal as am reno-ing my existing place… again.
  2. Def mustafa.... Fujioh EF Tecno Uno and whatsnot. Best part of it is their full range on display. Check out the other appliances price and you will be convinced yourself.
  3. Have been inactive on RT as there's just so much to do after shifting in! The place looks lived in as I haven't thought of how to unpack some junk I kept over the years...Will update it soon, I hope!
  4. @Tigaroo yes they asked me if I wanted it shorter, of course no point keeping it and risk tripping over in future. I'm sure if it helps by showing you the piping as every home is very different and with the added requirements are different too. Anyways, here you go! Last image shows the piping heading to the recess area to the ledge. Pardon the awful makeshift curtains with clothes peg
  5. GOod deal for Ariston Oven... if I had known there would be a sale....
  6. @7ustus It's an eye-opener they carry more range and brands than the electrical big boys. Most of big retailers house certain brands exclusively whereas Mustafa is more brand friendly. I get to touch and feel the entire TECNO range without sales person telling me: 'this item don't have display', this truly happened in Hoe Kee IMM. I will share more when we start using the hob in a few weeks time after we move and clean up. Personally feel it's hard to give review for cooker or hobs as fire is controlled manually. As for hood, I can't wait to use it as I very suaku never used one before.
  7. Congrats on your new flat! I've been living around that vicinity for 25 years and Tiong Bahru is my favorite place among the Bukit Merah Queenstown district. After stalking many t-blogs I find the key to having good nordic/scandi is having as much sunlight in as possible!
  8. Haha!! You can get the ah neh gold mirrors here https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?ft=t&id=13018794763&toSite=main&sku_properties=21433:20213 Promise I won't comment when you get em' To each, his own is beauty! The white mirror is actually a floor mirror (not standing as it doesn't come with stands). Meaning, you place it vertically and it will stay firm due to it's weight. I got wall brackets drilled into the back of the frame so I can have it wall mounted. One of my best taobao purchase, local frame makers charging $400 on for this kind of sizing. https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?ft=t&id=44283423534&toSite=main
  9. I thought my relatives were particularly nasty, you guys made me feel much better that I'm not the only one experiencing such comments. We can keep many people entertained if there's a blog to collect all the ridiculous comments. Haha @Catt mine is the opposite way round! I moved from Queenstown to Bukit Panjang and eldest aunt till date continues questioning why I didn't get a unit in Jurong East. FYI she lives at Chinese Garden and finds Bukit Panjang far. I'm 29 works a regular office job and single owner. Even if I stretch my finances, HLE wouldn't allow me that loan amount. Outsiders always fail to understand that we, as home owners have exercised our thoughts and decisions before securing the unit. Money don't come easy, but we decide where we want to invest it on lor!
  10. If you remember in the 1980s where alot of homes had this theme where they went after bold colors like black, red, blue for furniture and bulky TV consoles, bar counters, kitchen cabinets with see through glass to double up their kitchen cabinet as display cabinets? I wouldn't let anyone in my home if it looked like that now. That was the 'to-go-for look' that many designers back than encouraged their clients to do up.
  11. My rants today after a tiring weekend.... Mom and aunties came over to view the progress of the house for the first time, not a word of positiveness from them. Old people, old thinking. Better not argue with them since they are all standing opposite my side. They shot down my teal colored walls, my white bar counter which i added on at the last minute, my standing toilet sink, my cove lighting, my master toilet vanity, my wall tiles. Practically. Everything. Throughout my reno progress they will constantly 'remind' me to do this and that, build a ledge in the bath area to put shampoo, warned me against using stainless steel toiletries racking, encouraging me to use white tiles for everything, told me my grey living room walls are ugly, ask me not to use induction cooker as I need to purchase new pots to be compatible with induction (like I ever had pots in the first place). bla bla bla bla bla.... Worst thing is they asked me why isn't my contractor purchasing toilet bowls on my behalf? Why isn't he providing me with this and that that their contractor provided them 20 years ago.... With more and more home owners wanting to personalize their own space and more hands on than yesteryear due to surplus online information and e-stores, who needs a contractor to purchase something that they end up not liking? It's tough to be the only one handling the entire reno and your relatives make so many comments and remind you to do things like they are the PRO and I'm the baby who doesn't know anything. Since I'm staying temporarily at my aunt's place till reno is completed, she will randomly wake me up in the morning and start asking "your contractor got provide you with cutlery tray anot ah..?", "eh your dinind table must remember put a piece of glass on top to protect it" or "eh you don't do that type of laminate cause the beauty salon I went to have same laminate as yours and it peeled off, I confirm is same laminate as yours, exactly same one" Mentally exhausted now!!!!
  12. the theme of the house is...nothing? Cracked me up as my house is theme-less and is still theme-less. I don't even know how to describe it only to put it as 'I want it my way', even the colors and materials used for my living and kitchen contrast is wayyyyyyy off. The philosophy is to impress yourself, not others.
  13. Mustafa for cheapest appliances deals! They charge a one time $25 delivery fee for a total of 6 items (if I recalled correctly). But ended up getting my fridge and washing machine from Bigbox as a friend who worked there gave me a good rate. Plus, support friend better than support Mustafa right. I remembered ,my first choice washing machine was a Samsung WA90F5S5 (9KG) that Mustafa is selling for $479 excluding free $30 Mustafa voucher direct deduction. The same washing machine was sold at Best Denki for close to $600, $599 maybe? Got my TECNO hob and hood from Mustafa too, one thing for sure, you cannot bargain down the price in Mustafa but the deals already is very attractive especially if you get more than 1 item with standard delivery. I didn't make any purchase till 1.5 months before my reno is scheduled to be completed, my personality is abit kiasi one, scared company fold, scared this scared that so I only make deposits and payment just before my reno started.
  14. Nice coffee table! Something I would love to put in my living room. Very curious on the unique shower screen the previous owner use, the white frame seem to me like sliding door frame, but has a cut off a foot above the bath tub...how does this work?