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  1. Hi all, we bought an Evorich package and would like to sell it as my hub would like the contractor to do our flooring (so that there is no dispute). Pm me for more details. Actually struggling to come to decide. Anyone did vinyl flooring and regret? I somehow can't find the perfect Color too. on a side note, they have another sale this weekend. Any kind soul can update the pricing? Heh
  2. Hello, @kenoro sorry abt it! I have cleared my inbox. If you don't mind resending. Thanks so much!
  3. Gorgeous looking. Share more pic? I wanted to do vinyl flooring in kitchen but was advised not to because of practicality reason. Is it so far so good? because of that, I am thinking of using tiles for the whole house to have the homogenous look. Still can't decide between vinyl or tiles.
  4. Ya so our pocket burned a big big hole now but very excited to know how it going to turn out hehe. Am sure both ways got pros and cons and will turn out well. Don't worry!
  5. Hi, can I get from you Gary's contact for the LED lights please? thank you so much!
  6. we had this dilemma too and we decided to hack everything in the end. for toilets, suggest to hack because of sanitary issue unless the owners just did their HIP, then can try overlay. Flooring wise, ours actually in good condition because it's granite despite 19 years but decided to let it all go for aesthetic reason. Don't wanna feel "why didn't I hack last time " after we move in
  7. Hi all, we signed up for Evorich HERF package and would like to let go as we now will be doing a major hacking and like our contractor do flooring as well. $500 deposit placed. Minimum 200 sqft @ $6.80 nett with installation without skirting. please pm me if you are interested. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, for those who would like to overlay their house, I have a package from Evorich which we locked in the price of their HERF. Letting go Coz I want to get my contractor to do my flooring instead. Pls pm me if you want more details. Cheers!
  9. Hi luvalist, 

    Are you still looking for contractors by any chance ? 

    If you are I might have a contractor in mind that will get the job done without breaking the bank. 

    Hope to hear from you soon! 

  10. Very special layout! Can't wait to see what u going to do to it.
  11. I have no idea. Coz I hacking everything but I don't even have feature wall and stuff so I also wonder why my quotations all so high! Haven't even talked abt changing pipes also wor. I got a cai Tao face maybe. Really should start creating my t blog to share the Reno process and seek advice from the bro and sis here
  12. My Ea in Yishun. Finally collected keys! But hacking can only start in May so now trying to get direct quotes instead. Boo. No matter where I go, the quote is ard 90k and above before electric and plumbing works. Eh gotta figure out how to upload floor plan Hah
  13. Congrats! Camping for your reno process, also in the midst of purchasing an EA. but we paid above valuation and now no money to do reno. so lurking ard. hehe