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  1. Hi guys, For those need contact details and quotes, please PM the other members earlier in the thread whom I have given the info to.
  2. My vinyl cost 8++ for normal lay and 10++ for herringbone pattern. Will PM you my contractor details.
  3. LAST FEW PHOTOS aaaaaand i'm done! Thanks for the memories everyone!
  4. All very exciting! Blank canvas for your dream house!
  5. Yes, my full-height shoe cabinet has louvered doors, seems we have similar ideas! It does add a little character/feel to the home but best used sparingly. My wife looked at me in horror when I suggested using louvered PD doors for the toilets to save money Yes, because of budget and not wanting to overwhelm the design, we decided not to have louvered doors for our MBR cupboard and toilet vanity cabinets. So our toilet doors/guest room sliding and shoe cabinet use the louvred doors. Thanks! Yes, same exact model. But if you're doing large formats, may have issue as I told @bykaraanne above. Hmm, the flooring's been in for a couple of weeks, so far it has taken construction abuse no problem. My flooring is rated for commercial use too so that gives me some comfort. Its plastic really, so using in the kitchen should not present a problem. As mentioned earlier, i have some hollow spots because of the uneven flooring (not because of the laying method or the vinyl itself). If I had more $$ the choice would be to hack and/or screed the whole flooring to achieve a truly flat floor. I have part screed/part tile/part wooden planks for the entire house - not the most ideal choice really. Will try take more pics tonight.
  6. FINALLY DONE! Other than a plumber's visit to fix a ponding issue with my master room toilet sink, its done. 7 weeks instead of 6 promised by the contractor but not a big issue. Not gonna show all views of my house as some are just run of the mill rooms but will post some lived-in/messy pics of my living room / kitchen. Loved how the house turned out! Very happy due to the fact that we came very close to our design theme e.g. see this apartment which was one of our "model" apartments. Am pretty pleased with the vinyl herringbone - cost a bit more but the look was what we wanted and am enjoying (so far) the hardiness and low maintenance. However as the floor is not perfectly flat throughout, there are some hollow spots. We did it without an ID to save costs. Would we do that again? Most probably not. The legwork my wife and I had to do was exhausting (especially with two young kids in tow) - from site visits to hunting for the perfect piece. Such work did not include our regular stuff like furniture and electrical appliances. It was totally unfair for the kids to spend their time at furniture shops or at their grandma's while we searched for the missing pieces of our jigsaw puzzle. Our many painted matt white surfaces, although so pretty set against the gold pieces, are quite hard to maintain. Have found myself reaching for the magic sponge many times. Although the painter recommended turpentine, I wouldn't go there yet! The kids seem to be enjoying the bigger space. Our four year old son enjoys sitting at the island eating his meals. We didn't have a dining table at our old place as it was really that small. It already seems to be a happy and comfortable place for them to grow up and to me and wife, that's all that really matters.
  7. Thanks! But there's a catch. Well you might know that one "advantage" of solid top is that there are no joint lines unlike quartz or natural stone. However, while there are no joint lines in the backsplash BUT because of the manufacturing process i think, you can see where the design "stops" and resets to the "start' of the pattern... leading to a slightly faint visual joint line rather than a physical joint line. This line was blocked from view by my island hood but it is quite irksome to look at initially.
  8. So much love for this dark theme and design! Would have been my choice if I was still a swinging single haha.
  9. FINISHING LINE Touch-up work - painting, carpentry.. ready to move in next Tuesday! A couple of sneak peeks, plastic wrappings still on haha:
  10. Hilarious yet informative read haha. Thanks. Disappointed to read about the Teka sink because I just got one! Lets see how it performs.
  11. If anyone's still reading, sorry for the lack of updates! Pictures will have to wait till the place cleans up good because lots going on. Updates: Kitchen cabinetry 90% up. 6m of tall cabinets plus 8 ft island will take a while. Waiting for solid top to come in before finishing up. Shoe cabinet up waiting for doors. Fitting of the louvre room separators and toilet doors done. Master bedroom cupboards done pending doors. Super unhappy of the dead space caused by my AV shelving. Pending: Monday-Tuesday - spray-painting of louvre doors on-site. Contractor said too expensive to ship them to the factory to be spray painted. Monday - Tuesday - painting of skirting Wednesday - solid top to be in / plumbing (sinks etc) Thursday - plumbing complete Friday - L-shaped shower screens. Was unable to source for a trackless top-hung version in white. So had to make do with a top-hung bottom track version. Friday - Installation of wrought iron gate / shower screen/ finishing of paint Weekend and early next week for clean up/touch-ups Tuesday move in!! Had wanted to move in this Thursday but after some thought decided not to as too many items incomplete.