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  1. clickandgrow.com/pages/sg9-launch?refCode=5120315407466496 Click on the above link, key in your name and email address. Verify it via email and it is done!
  2. Hi anyone knows if Philips hue can be install on track lights?
  3. thanks! we are thinking of installing the grass on the wall too. thinking should install on plywood first before install it on the wall ornot. kompacplus backsplash will be **** nice! we are thinking of installing it as well. hehe
  4. is edge banding more durable?
  5. green grass on wall!!! nice! do share how you going to do it? the kitchen backsplash issit kompacplus?
  6. suggest you to talk to more people to understand the price they quote you. do it in a excel sheet and compare den nego with ur prefer ID/contractor. you may want to take note if they holds hdb licenses, all those are critical when you start facing problems with them during the renovation. we spoke to a few contractors too, their differences is about a few k (less than 4k). but when we visit those houses they did renovation for, we actually see some differences in terms of quality. To us, personally is quite bad. so you might want to request to visit some before you sign up with them. do also ask where their carpentry are from. if it is in Malaysia, it might take some time for it to be complete and deliver.
  7. yup, **** ex! but we might go for it. cuz aircon is like non-movable ...lol movable stuff, we opt for cheaper alternative
  8. I was quoted end 4k to 5k plus for 38v for a 3 rooms and living room.
  9. i think there is a higher compressor like 38? you might want to consider, so don't have to buy two compressors. yup. the air con guy is right...won't be that cold.
  10. 24VA is for ur living room? if the compressor is 28VA, your air con can work if u on ur living room and one of the rooms?
  11. looks good! able to share ur ID and the cost? as for vinyl, which company did u engage? kitchen top is kompacplus?