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  1. Gosh I thought high resistance/vinyl flooring from Evorich is generally better in quality to their laminated flooring? They tested the scratch n water proof flooring in front of me but I think that is using their laminated flooring. The sales guy from Evorich said their high resistance ac5 flooring offers exactly the same resistance and even better... Wao... I am in doubt now @@
  2. Hi Guys, My first post in Renotalk Forum! WTB and myself have been scouting around for vinyl/laminated flooring. We visited the expo couple of days ago and spoke to a couple of flooring company. Evorich qouted 5.95 psf for their high resistance /vinyl flooring and 5.50 psf for laminated flooring. I recalled reading somewhere in renotalk that they can offer contractor price at 5.00 psf for their high resistance/vinyl flooring. Tried to negotiate with the guy at expo and he is quite insistent that 5.95 psf is the contractor price already. I also spoke to wood culture for their hydro plus lamination and inova for their flooring too. Both are pretty competitive in their pricing. We like Evorich high resistance flooring but find 5.95 psf a bit steep. Is this really the market rate now for high resistance /vinyl flooring? We are green when it comes to reno and flooring so I want check around first b4 commit