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  1. the flies are called drain flies, they are not really good fliers like fruit flies and gets easily crushed if attacked from behind. Drain flies usually will hang around their area of their food source and they dont usually venture too far. The frustration is enormous as these things don't seems to disappear after you have just swat like dozens of them only the day before. their reproduction rates and maturity to adults from Larvae are extremely fast. having drain flies does not imply your toilet is not well cleaned. it is simply an infestation that usually occurs in the sewer areas or the surroundings. my toilets are well up kept but sadly I was hit by such an infestation. the infestation been going on for a while, not knowing about the flies until I had enough and think the infestation is getting worse, decided to research and act, finally got rid of the problem. Things to do identify the likely source, these can be the main toilet drain hole, shower holes or even tile area.( My tile grout got corroded away) If you like to be more investigative, you can stick a piece of scotch tape covering part of the draining cover. See if any of these insects are sticking on itHow I do it I have the luxury of having storage water heater and mixer tap, before my shower i will turn to the max the shower hot water and flush the drain holes for a good 3-5 mins. The resultant effect is my entire bathroom is steamy Then u smack and smack the stragglers who managed to escape repeat for 3 days, u should see a population decreasing significantly repeat for a week and your infestation should clear upNow for those who dont have storage heater, i suggest thorough investigation be done to identify the infestation source, thereafter pour boiling hot water into these area. U need a lot of these hot water to flush the entire sewer drain, the pipe lining surfaces to ensure you cover these areas well.ensure the surrounding areas like covers, the crevices are flushed with boiling hot water. Do note these things will survive chemical attacks, things like bleaches, cleaning detergents and dettols are ineffective in killing them, the last things i want to use and have not tried are insecticides as I have newborns at home, this is not an option I would use. Drain flies are extremely dirty insects, as they thrive and live in the sewers, they will carry a lot of diseases as well, therefore get rid of these things and destroy their nesting places as soon as you can.
  2. Can any bro/sis give some recommendation Stay in this new flat 3 yrs liao....then recently when I washing toilet discover the toilet floor grouting all gone liao...mega hole between the floor tiles... I think this is partly due to the washing chemicals or the scrubbing actions....but the lost grout is really bad...so need some advise Should I DIY back the missing grout or get specialist help...if specialist...anyone got recommendation? If I DIY, I got a problem coz the grout is grey color...most shop never like HomeFix etc never carry...and also some grey silicon grout I manage to find are those soft soft rubbery type....I am thinking of mixing a grouting cement with waterproofing properties powder...the problem is I dun know where to find these items...been to those industrial estate to ask around, either they don't understand what I am talking about or they come in one big drum...which I seriously do not need a drum... anyone can help or give good advise?
  3. U shld have chosen Cat 7, din u know its already available? Pun intended.
  4. wat the cedar fresh use for ah?
  5. will be uncomfortable and super hot to sleep on
  6. Bro Mace T5 tubes eqv to 32Watts normal cirrcula tube have or not ah? Tried the philps e-ballast on PL-L lights? I din know PL-L lights uses Mag Ballasts....now I itching to try conversion...not sure if can use.... Where to get cheap T5 cirrcular tubes if they ever exists
  7. Osram seems to be better than Philips.... what abt the Ikea bulbs?
  8. Hi recently installing Aircon saw that my contractors were putting the coolant and return copper pipes into one insulation tube near the FCU area, the rest of the pipes are individually insulated. is that normal? I was thinking the pipes should all be individually insulated all the way into the FCU Can someone advisse?
  9. I think cannot....Bro Mace can confirm?
  10. Never simply use $ as the deciding factor, more research required.
  11. I reviewed reently my colleague's quote who enagage Hoe Bee, to me I find Patrick has indeed clever ways of splitting up a single mjaor job into many different sub-components, thereby maximising his gains. I know there are many HoeBee Fanatics who will probably refute what I say, but to me I also find his carpentership so-so only, nothing to brag abt, infact I give them only 2 out of 5 stars Unless U know your stuff well and know how things are done in the industry, very hard to argue with this guy, who will be "very nice" coz what U ask for he will agree...why? already factored into the cost already mah I don't know why pple here like kena his kong tao, keep saying he cheap and good, but to me after see his quote find them CMI, I don't know if my fren ask for further discount and other amendments, but I guess not much, the markup somewhat high sure park his margins somewhere What I advise is, go talk to the contractors more, eg. Those who do windows only, those who do wet works only, electricians, understand how they charge then when u go to main con u wun be kena conned. BTW to all the Hoe Bee fanatics, please dun flame me, coz I know the truth is sometimes to ugly and not nice to know.
  12. Anyone knows if I can get Teka CG Lux 60 4G Ai Al from Poh Joo ah? Saw the catalog price of Teka kinda scary leh
  13. Hi Guys.....thank you so much for the contribution.... just wondering if 2 feet hobs comes in glass panels, notice all comes in SS.... BTW where u get the Teka from and how much? I once went to their show room in clemencue ave, don't think much discount can get..