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  1. I would like to split a room into half and would need to do up a partition with a door (the normal hdb kind of wooden door will do) I would need 4 such kind of partitions. Anybody knows how much it would cost to do the partition per feet? including the labour and material cost. (no hacking is needed) ________________________________________________ From my knowledge, if we build partition using wooden walls, we no need to get hdb approval right?
  2. hi, i got my hse done last year ... don't expect too much from their workmanship or u will be disappointed, if u r doing glass doors for ur kitchen or showerscreen. DO NOT ask him to do for u, i believe he will sub out to his sub-contractor, then he will in turn earn comission from them.. the glass workmanshi[p IS TERRIBLE! AND dont expect too much from his carpenters. creatted a LOT of holes inside the cupboards then use liquid paper to patch up.. too bad we didnt see this earlier, so din manage to ask for a single cent 'discount' . becoz he is very stingy and the workmanship is not good. i will not consider them ever again.
  3. mine is 6 feet .. btw wat is "HSS"
  4. sliding door is a bit difficult to do... why dun u opt for doors with hinges... i think it will be cheaper and a lot easier... building a wardrobe sounds fun... i shall attempt to try that too.. can i knw where u source for the wood? hw come the laminate comes free?,.. so good?
  5. isnt plastic ones safer than glass, sommore its cheaper, might as well go for plasctic ones?
  6. yeah, choose another one lah, both dun sound good enough! they wan to earn ur $, its only right they treat u well mah!... but if the personalty is not good, wat for u consider this contractor? u r only encouraging his bad character if u choose him
  7. u dun bargain, they will also "cut here and there" on materials, just a matter of more or less only.., but this kind of things u wont know unless u let that contractor do b4.
  8. my one looks quite similar pattern to urs, BUT no shoe cabinet, cost me less than $800.
  9. if u wan to go for aust screen, different sales will give u different pricing), i was quoted $460-500++ for a 5 feet frameless shower screen, but i din let them do in the end. so if urs is also 5 feet and cost more than $460, better ask a few more places, btw, i just asked 1 mth ago, so shouldnt hv too much change in the pricing.
  10. think i also asked this b4, but no one was able to help me, in the end i do my own research in yellowpages... and din find much too.. but the price is quite standard, u can try searching.
  11. paiseh, i find u r not the only one who ask me this.. those are estimated pricing for my own reference only, not the actual price.. anyway, i havnt update my signature hee but hor, its true u can get a big 3 door fridge for only $500+, and i saw at the courts warehse clearence last weekend, got NEW 3-seater L-shape sofas for $219 too, VERY big set. anyway the sale is over le but at least nw i knw i can bargain until hw much if i wana buy.. heh
  12. 1) he will suggest, but dun expect him to give u fancy ideas if u r totally clueless abt wat u want to do. 2) they definately have to measure the site b4 they do ur carpentary i dunno abt ur contractor, but the 1 i approached, he got provide hand-drawn 3D drawings. 3) a professional contractor will knw wat to do, but if u scare just remind them abt it lor. or u tiam tiam, until he finish and if u find the water cannot flow properly, u can ASK FOR DISCOUNTS *laughs evily* 4) diferent contractors work in differnt ways, cant advise u much on this one 5) if u need they bring u for shopping, prepare to pay more lor, but usually they wont have time for this kind of things. if u really that clueless, i suggest u get an ID bah... but then, not all ID have good taste... and u never knw if their choice will be to ur liking.. so better depend on urself.
  13. hi there.. wat do u mean revised quote? coz i just finish reno and handover . i didnt do very complicated things, only the following: kitchen, wardrobe, bombshelter, hackwall (doorsize), fix glass panel + glassdoor, false ceiling, install ard 20 lights, showerscreen, chemical wash and clean, clear debris and haulage, box up sewage pipes, payment for PE... all for less than $12K , but painting we r doing by ourselves.. bought paint and brushes only less than $400. the quote i got may vary from the quote u getting now coz i heard material price gg up. so hw is ur search getting along?