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  1. Hi. I bought a dining table with top layer as marble. It's not whole solid marble table. I bought from Wynn furnishing . Perhaps they can custom make for coffee table or tv console. I don't know whether marble has grade...the dining table marble top I bought is ok standard as its not as expensive as real solid marble.
  2. I bought my sofa n dining set from Wynn early this year. Bought from expo. I am happy with their service n delivery is of no issue. Delivered on time. There was a hairline crack on the dining table after 2 months and they replaced a new one for me with not much fuss. The new one is still good till now. After checking out the all the sofa stores in expo, I find their price reasonable n they can custom make n they r overall reasonable in all aspects, service, price. I like their look of sofas too. Yes I will go back to them or recommend to friend.
  3. ya lor..i've asked around....macam nobody know...so i think my particular hdb inspector must be quite 'detail'. sigh.... so you did rewiring the whole place? and sold off already with no testing require? did you conceal the wiring? cos mine is conceal under false ceiling and partition.
  4. actually..i m selling my place..and hdb request me to do so now...i m surprise it is not common..and upon renovation, i wasn't even told i need to do this testing. so i feel rather surprise and unhappy that i wasn't told to do so...and negligence on my part to check hdb website. sigh... i hope all ok when electrician come and test...but my reno done few years back...and if need to rectify anything..i will have big headache! or is it my hdb inspection more 'particular'!
  5. hi...wondering that if the wiring of a hdb flat is re-wiring, the whole flat, does hdb require a testing to be done and certified by sp services? have you done this certification for your place if you have done re-wiring of the whole place? if so, what kind of things they test? easy to pass?
  6. my kitchen in new place is actually quite small. if i don't have cabinets at 4 walls, there is no space! one side of the wall - sink area. no more extra space! one side of the wall - cooking hob. a bit of extra space on each side, but cannot put much things except some sources. one side of the wall - open concept. so can only put water flask, or daily use thing. so i need another side of the wall to put rice cooker, kettle, baby steriliser. so no choice. need all sides. but quite short each side...... isnt' it common to have 4 sides too? pls share photos....
  7. hi..sorry for late reply..didn't realise i got some questions here. i got the fan as a gift, so i really don't know where he bought it from. but he has told me it costs close to $700 and that was 2.5 years ago. i presume you probably can find in balestier. i do live in HDB, but i don't know i need hdb approval for fan? it is just a normal decorative fan.
  8. actually...i havent' decide whether to ask my ID to include as part of package or source the grill contractor myself. cos i htink looking for the grill person and coordinate that part hsouldn't be difficult. but if price is not much difference, then, i might as well ask my ID to arrange everything....
  9. hi..my new place master bedrrom toilet has a vanity, standing shower area, another bathtub, and of course a toilet bowl. i intend to hack off the bathtub cos we don't use and use that rectangle area as shower area with sliding glass door. thus, we will hack off also the existing standing shower area. anyone does this before? questions 1) any post renovation problem in hacking off the bathtub and convert to shower area? eg, water pooling at drainage area? 2) what do you do with the existing standing shower area which has been hack off? 3) can show your bathroom photos?
  10. hi..anyone care to share your u-shape kitchen for reference? mine kitchen is square shape, with a u-shape type which i can build bottom and top cabinets. i like to gather designs..especially layout on drawers, placement of drawers for cutlery, pots and pans, plates, glasses, etc... the other side of my kitchen, ie, not the u-shape, is where i place my fridge, and have intention to further build top and bottom cabinets...so it becomes the 4 side of the wall are fully utilised. looking forward to see your kitchen....
  11. looking for someone to do window grill at my new place. any good and realiable and reasonable price to recoomend? did you ask your ID to arrange as part of the package or did you arrange yourself? which is cheaper?
  12. my id last time arranged for me, but i have to be onsite when the sp guy turned it on. with my next home, yes..i defintely want to be there cos it is our home after all..just in case got problem. the contractor/id won't resolve for me if there is issue. but usually no problem.
  13. Hi..i heard there r many diffrent brand of solid surface top. which is good. pls suggest here..i've heard of Corian, which is top of the range. but am not looking for something so expensive. pls share what you used and whether it is ok in terms of scratch, stain, heat resistance, etc. thanks.
  14. ok..i've figure out the loading..here it goes... (1) when switch on....with light... (2) when switch off...closing... (3)closed! no light (4) closed..with light....
  15. hi...i have a ceiling fan which can serve as a decorative icon when not in use, and when switch on, serve like a normal fan. will try to describe it. when switch off, the 'wings' close downwards, so shape like a upside down petals. i tried to load photos...but i don't know how....