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  1. read in previous comment acetone is good remover. Just wondering if the ones sold at paint shop is 100% pure acetone or mix with other stuff? anyway of finding out? Thanks
  2. Keen on this kinda chair as well. Other than ikea are there anywhere else that sells something similar? Cheers
  3. After reno while rectifying defects contractor send me the final quotation and requested payment. Later on sent me another with final price changed. Reason was that solid surface measurement was done wrongly and he 'undercharged' me. Is this acceptable?
  4. All done with reno, now contractor came back and tell me price of final quotation is changed cos solid surface measurement he didn't measure correctly! ... is this acceptable?
  5. oasis

    Bedside Table

    Currently my MBR too small for big bedside table. Any ideas? What can I use as an alternative? Thanks
  6. Read in the forums curtaints are nice and cheap in china? Any other stuff to recommend? THought of getting art but kinda worrie about transporting glass frame? Anybody had that experience? Thanks
  7. Lights room close shop Bought my lights there and apparently they are no more there today Can I complain to CASE or something Luckily only bought dinning light there
  8. After chemical clean ... know it's a little late but only after tiles I clean than can actually see it. Somehow tiles look: - not even - grout not properly filled up - can feed edge of tile when place feet over the area - looks as if the edge of tile is popping up Is this normal or just me being picky? Anyway to test it? Hear put a ball on the floor or something ...
  9. Think you are right about the above. He is really busy but does get the job done. As for meeting schedule well ... it will depends. Need to add buffer cos mine was delay along the way
  10. planning to get some antislam. Must pass to carpenter before start work to install or can install after cabinet goes up?
  11. Is it the one with the sparkling top?
  12. All right! Going to get a packet to ask my carpenter to fit in my cupboards at most take out when spoilt loh