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  1. Share mine... Latest addition: My bar:
  2. The pricing is around that region and the quotations sound reasonable. In my opinion $500 - $150(raw material cost) leaving $350 to cover labour, transport, material storage cost, overheads as well as profit will be difficult...
  3. Fortuner? Heard that its a guzzler, I have never driven it though so that it might all be hearsay. Other then that, should be pretty ok... its a Toyota afterall
  4. I used Ximula for my entire walk-in wardrobe and had no issues. Pretty pleased with the work, minimal mess and even showed me how to assemble and disassemble if I needed to shift the shelves myself in future.
  5. Anyone here eaten there before?
  6. You get the housing grant for resale flats if your income is below 8k
  7. Cyclical... if you can ride this out, there will be a shortage of such people when it builds up again... The only question is how long...
  8. A whole bunch of posts by a number of newbies praising Tau to the skies... you do the math...
  9. PD Door does such a door for balconies. I don't think they are just for internal use.
  10. 4k does seem to be on the high side you'll have to continue to check around I guess. My preference was for Swarovski Strass crystals for my lights. I did consider a lighting with Egyptian crystals which looked pretty good but I felt it still paled in comparison to the lighting with Strass crystals. Its a very personal thing though.
  11. Pricing is subjective. There is a world of difference between the price of Egyptian and Austrian (Swarovski Strass?) crystals.
  12. Isn't this more like roman blinds? I always thought roller blinds roll all the way up...