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  1. Hi andy, Can i check how much u paid for the complete Queen size set. Thanks.
  2. Hi pple! Anyone knows where to find nice bedside tables/ drawers?
  3. HiHi! me! me! I got my dining set and sofa from Lorenzo. I must say the service is good! And of cos I like their designs... and i find that their price is reasonable too compare to other designer brands.
  4. Hi Singhao, I like that wallpaper in yr room, may i know where did you get it? Btw, where is Ignes? Thanks!
  5. wow! thats cheap! where is kangtai? any panasonic aquabeat users here? feedback pls... !!
  6. i got the hob + hood + sink at $1116 after 20% disc. have got any pics as i have not installed them yet. u may have a look at the Teka website. All the models are there.
  7. Hi krisietong, any idea how much it cost? Thx!
  8. Anyone knows where can i find similar bedroom doors like this?
  9. Hi there! Which model was that of yours?
  10. Hi... I just gotten my Teka hob & Hood after hearing so much good review about them. Mine was the non-chimney hood tho dued to the very limited spacing in my tiny kitchen. Not considering to do kitchen door cos my kitchen design was really impossible to have sliding nor casement door. I think to consider a kitchen door probably depends if you really cook alot at home. As for me and hubby, i doubt we will cook everyday so we drop the idea of having a kitchen door since our kitchen is already so small. Hee... Hee...
  11. Got my Teka hob + hood + sink at $1116 after 20% discount. Delivered just on Thurs.
  12. got my ME system 3 non-inverter from GC at Hougang at $2009 nett inclusive installation + delivery, all -in. is it good buy?
  13. Hi! U mean u got all the above at $1699? What free laptop was it? Samsung? Anyone seen the SONY VAIO Laptop? Any good buy?