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  1. Thank you GladysLim, I have tried some strong bonding glue and then tape it with broad clear scotch-tapes and so far seems alright. Will try your recommendation if it cracks again. Have a great day !
  2. Apologies, here is the picture: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-BLiAkl6O7Wk/TonC4cXgT7I/AAAAAAAABZY/b5QyY116fZY/s800/02102011564.jpg Sorry, i cant seem to insert and so posted the link instead.
  3. Hi all, Anyone has any idea on where i can get a replacement of the cracked L-shape part ? Tried asking a few hardware shops but they dont have. The glass that was held by the frame was also cracked when it gave way. Any where that i can get one by providing the dimension ? I check with a contrator and he quoted me $100+ to replace the door. Said cant change the cracked part one. Thanks in advance !
  4. Hi all, i've got an unsightly aircon trunking running at the top (just below the cornices) in the MBR. Has anyone done anything to hide or beautify it ? Can share with pix if possible ? Thank you
  5. Hi, anyone heard of or use PrimeLifestyle instand heater ? There's a shop in IMM selling and recommend us. Its around $79.00 and its very slim and compact. Thank you.
  6. Hi all, so any comments for the following places on their services / worksmanship: - GainCity - AllBest - Kaisoon Thank you !
  7. Hi delon, can give me contact of the quote u get ? I'm looking at toshiba sys3 inverter. I'm quite attracted to the 5yr worksmanship though.....but must see how big is the company first....
  8. Hi autum, I've PMed you the answer. By the way who served you at GC - IMM ? Got a few questions: - How was the installation ? - Did they provide 5yrs warranty on workmanship ? - Any hidden costs (besides bracket) ? - Did they use class 1 or class 0 insulators ? - After sales service good ? I actually prefer AB because of the 5yrs workmanship warranty. They also say that they can upgrade me to class 0 insulator and "23" cables. Previously was only "24". I'm sorry but i know nuts about these stuff......so also duno whats so great.....GC actually mentioned that class 1 is better as in it can absorb more water. But AB said other wise...... What you think ??? . . . .but also wondering how is their workmanship.
  9. Hi all, just went down to IMM and visited GC and AB. Looking at system3 inverter. Talked to both sales and GC one sucks big time but AB price more expensive. But AB giving extended workmanship warranty to 5 years. GC havent ask so assume should be standard 1 year. Moreover, AB giving $120 maintenance vouchers but only can use $10 on 1 fancoil/maintenance. So total of $30 voucher can be used to offset their maintenance (costs $118 U.P.). Both the shop said that Toshiba inverter is one of the most energy saving (even better than Mitsubishi) cos of the compressor BTU. Toshiba is 24,000 whereas Mitsubishi is 28,000. Inverter compressors are much more quieter too ! So would like to seek fellow home owners to check and feedback which brand of aircon (inverter / non-inverter) they're using and is it good ? Energy saving ? Thank you in advance. !!
  10. Hi HSH21, can PM me the contacts where you purchased the laundry system too ! My laundry kind of small, only have 3 pieces of windows. Wondering if its suitable.
  11. Hello, chanced upon this website (http://www.panggiap88.com.sg/) quite a while ago and thought it might help you. Actually i liked the bamboo style gate. They gave me a quote $680 (includes delivery and installation). Duno about GST though. Other designs range from $320 - $470. You can try to contact them. Best regards.
  12. Hello all, Have changed thee mind again. Now eyeing Rinnai RB-3V (hob) + RH-985C (hood). Anyone got any review before ? Thank you !
  13. Hi all, anyone heard / getting / used Aerogaz hob n hood ? Just wondering how is the quality and any problems so far ? Thanks in advance !
  14. Hello, so how much you paid for the Teka hob and hood ? Any pix to show ? I was actually thinking of getting Aerogaz......but seems like unable to find much review here. You heard before ? We're eyeing a stainless steel 2 burner hob + 3503C chimney hood. Some shops quoted us $625 for tempered glass 2 burner hob + 3503C hood. So i think if we're getting stainless steel ones, the price should be lower bah. Anyone else using or bought Aerogaz hob n hood ? Please comment !
  15. Hi all, Question is, how many people got install the chimney hoods and how is the suction ? What brand good and value for money ? If you already have installed the chimney hood, did you still fix a door at the kitchen entrance ? Thanks for replying !