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  1. Have you personally installed one? The bottle trap is different from the local type.
  2. Many thanks, everyone! I didn't receive any renotalk email updates so I didn't realise I received replies! kstoh, your wallhung vanity looks good but the basin top is recessed with a silestone counter. I already have a wall hung sink installed. I was wondering if it is possible to just add the cabinet underneath. I was trying previously to do the minimalist wall hung sink with exposed plumbing fittings underneath. Problem is - local plumbers don't seem to understand this concept. The undersink plumbing fittings look unappealing compared to overseas. I overlooked this because in all the design pictures, you don't see the plumbing fittings under the sink!! Not sure why but you would typically only see the bottle trap. To do the exposed look properly, the water supply pipes should have a flange or escutcheon covering the joint between pipe and wall and the shutoff valve should be nicer chrome finished ones. Alas, I didn't know all these then. So now, I am thinking of giving up and just covering with a vanity cabinet installed right underneath the existing square sink. Lapidus - your premade white vanity looks interesting. Where did you buy it? I had considered these before but gave up as I don't think local plumbers or contractors can handle them.
  3. Seahorse has a similar pine bed frame but I don't know the price. I can't seem to post the link here but you can do a search for Seahorse's website.
  4. Has anyone done bathroom vanity cabinets like the Ikea Godmorgon? I would like a ceramic basin directly on top of the wall hung vanity with drawers (and Blum drawer hardware) without a separate countertop. Is it possible to replicate this look locally? http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/categories/series/15287/16673/
  5. Thinking of the same thing. Anyone?
  6. Hi I did my renovation in 2005 when epoxy pebblewash was popular. I did a border around granite tiles in my balcony. Problem is over the years, the epoxy seemed to have disintegrated and more pebbles are coming loose. Even initially, some pebbles were loose. But more are coming off now so there are lots of loose pebbles in my balcony. Does anyone have any advice or experience with how to repair it? Is it just a matter of applying more epoxy over the pebbles? I would really rather hack up the whole floor and re-do it with tiles. Yes, it was a mistake to go with pebblewash and the granite tiles. Lesson learned. But, I don't want to do it at this point. So I would like any advice for a quick fix. Many thanks.
  7. I am not sure about 2 grades. Mine is certified under NSF Standard 42 and 53. These seem to be the relevant standards for water filters based on the NSF website. Consumers should verify the cerification claims by doing a search on the NSF website.
  8. If you are looking for a more traditional but subdued look, Grange at Lim's Arts and Crafts Holland Village is the place to go.
  9. We have been using Beau Sleep since 2006. It's great. We tested many mattresses before buying this. At that time I have not heard of Maxcoil and didn't care anyway since we have tested other famous brands and didn't find them particularly to our liking. I only vaguely remember it is Beau Sleep and only recently realise it is by Maxcoil.
  10. I have been using a simple undersink water filter system from Doulton. No fancy claims on health giving properties. Just a brand with independent testing and longer history. Maintenance is straight forward and the replacement filter is relatively affordable.
  11. www.artncraftsinc.com seems to have some that fit your criteria but I have never seen their products.
  12. I have been using arkwater's Doulton undersink water filter. It works fine and apparently has been made to high international standards and has a long history. Try www.arkwater.com
  13. Well. cheap is relative. I don't think a Franke soap dispenser is considered cheap. You can see the quality of the brand and the attention to detail from the smaller items. Anyways, it's very disappointing. Good thing I didn't buy their sink!
  14. Hi has anyone bought and used a Franke kitchen countertop soap dispenser? I have one installed on my kitchen countertop and it has been used on and off for one year 3 months. Recently on feeling the hole of the spout where the soap is dispensed, I find that there is some rough spot next to the hole that seems to indicate corrosion. I tried to clean it off but it can't be cleaned off. I then called the Franke office to complain about the quality and all I got from the sales manager is that the Franke Soap dispenser is not covered by a warranty and in the past few years when they have been selling it, they have not received any complaints and blames the corrosion on contamination by water. Now if a soap dispenser is not in contact with water and sponge, what is it for on the countertop? I find that pretty ludicrous. If there has been no complaint in the past, does it mean that the first complaint should not receive any attention? THis item is also not the sink where sometimes customers may misuse it. For goodness sake, it is just a soap dispenser and who would be pouring unsuitable stuff on it? There is also no attempt to help or suggest a free or discounted replacement of the part and the response is to blame the customer first. I consider it very poor customer service from a reputable brand. If this is the type of quality and customer service I can expect from Franke, I don't see why I should pay more for a brand and should have chosen some cheapo no brand item from any kitchen shop. The best part is the person I spoke to is the sales manager and he said there is no higher person in charge. I then ask to speak to the general manager to complain about his poor customer service and I was told to call back in a week when he is back.