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  1. Hi I know this is a bit unusual but I am wondering if you have the contact of William, the regular contractor for butterpaperstudio? Thank you very much in advance!

  2. may i know where u got your guest room bedframe from? it is a single size with 190cm length? even since ikea stop supplying 190cm long bedframe, i can no longer find a bed frame like what u shown.
  3. I got a combi door too and i agree the quality of the door is disappointing. The wood used for the wooden door is lousy and i have rust on screws and metal parts on the door. there is no cushion to soften the hit of the door on the frame. a great idea but please don't buy it, a normal door will work and wont cause you headache.
  4. your issue with the alignment of the main door, kitchen entry and yard windows can easily be resolve by changing the direction of your kitchen door. enjoy ur reno...
  5. about 3yrs. i on that light everyday. i though LED light is suppose to last longer than that. maybe i should just change all my downlight to the e27 type. imagine having to get a electrician everytime a light blow.
  6. wow... million dollar question. I hope for a crystal ball too. who can predict the market.
  7. Hi, can i have your Malaysian electrician contact? what you said is right. my led downlight with attached driver blow, and i dont dare to pull it out from my false ceiling. :/
  8. general fengshui rule is to have no mirror facing main door or your bed.
  9. i had a similar situation as you. my contractor completed the reno, but its full of defects which i carefully document down in a email with pictures and asked for rectification. at that point i had paid about 80% of the whole reno cost. it had been more than a year after the reno, i have not see my contractor again and he never came back to ask for the balance amount. i will suggest for you to do the same. it will be great if your contractor do come back to fix up all your concern. otherwise, try to live with the defects for a year. after the year is up, find another contractor to fix up stuff that you are not happy with. if there are critical defects that could not wait, and your contractor is missing to complete, get another one but do keep all documentation. with 90% of your budget intact, im sure you will be able to get another contractor to complete the work with less money. as for the cleaning, i will agree with missysonialin. most owners will do another round or even 2 rounds of cleaning before moving in.
  10. hey, your vacuum looks good. but why choose ship via sea rather than air for electronics? can provide me with the link?
  11. instead of id, maybe you could consider contractor? renovation cost depends alot on your requirements. i did my 1st place with 7k, that is a re-sale and i kept alot of the previous owner stuff. for my 2nd re-sale, i hack the whole house and it cost me 35k. i have both place deco in very simple style, might not be magazine worthy but its very pocket friendly and very easy to clean.
  12. When will you be getting your new place? i did an overhaul with my resell 4rm last yr at $45K. with a new 4rm with kitchen tiling, piping, toilet and main door done up by hdb, i don't see it a problem to keep your reno below $40k or even lesser. there's lots of t-blog with new hdb flat owner spending last than $30k on their reno. as for furnishing and furnitures, it will really depends on where you are getting them from. there's table that cost $5k and there's table that cost $500 including 4 chairs. Perhaps you could look into taobao. i will not recommend getting any renovation loan if possible. interest rate is high and with new housing loan and mthly bills from having a new place, cash will be tight.
  13. thanks for the information. I'm already staying at my place! regret not getting a shoes cabinet made during my reno. the ready made shoes cabinet is so awful... serve me right for being stingy. ha... so now i got to find another carpentry for this small job. hope that i wont get chop carrot. debating with myself if i should have the cabinet seated on the floor or suspended and put some fake grass under it.
  14. my unit has a very similar layout as your. im planning to build a shoes cabinet just beside the main door too. will you be able to let me know how much your ID charge for it and what is the dimension? i'm quite worried that the whole thing will look very bulky if i will to have it across the whole wall to the height of the window. looking forward to see the finish product of yours.