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  1. Hi Reno-gurus. My reno is sort of "complete" i have only made 10% of the total quoted price to the contractor he was busy so did not reply me after the job is "complete" my question is Any complications for us if the contractor did not ask for payment due to his work schedule? We paid for cleaning services after the reno but is badly cleaned - hence we have to perform the cleaning by ourselves all over again - what should we do for this? Reno works not done properly, cracks on walls found (more than 300cm long, 1-2mm thick), tiles got dented all over - what should we do for this? Any recommendations? We have already proceeded to move in as numerous of extensions given yet contractor failed to do a proper job. TYVM
  2. GST company thus you have to pay additional for GST. Which is quite an amount considering that renovation is not cheap.
  3. Recently hv my house renovated - completed but with many issues Contractor only asked for initial 10% deposit, which has been paid. My question is Contractor said he was busy with other projects and hv no time for the final invoice to bill us - will this impact us? Contractor did not do a proper job and said it is normal - crack walls and dented tiles (due to expansion and misc) - what should I do with this? Contractor charge for cleaning the place yet did not a proper clean-up. Ultimately I have to reclean the house all over again As a consumer, what should my next approach be ?
  4. Hi, Anyone have lobang for contractor to rebuild wall to partition between a living room and room including doors? Whats the price like and how long will the entire construction takes? Length is approx 3.8m Also require - repainting of unit (3 room hdb resale unit) - doors at bath area Tyvm!