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  1. Thanks for your response huiamos!

    My ID is getting quotes but they are all around 8k for 200sqft. Do you mind sharing the approximate amount you paid pls? My ID thinks 8k is too much but is struggling to find a more reasonable quote. Thanks again!

  2. @Prabs Janarthanan yeah, did the glass wall for my hobby room. Its all within the reno package with the ID. You might explore looking into windows contractor for that glass wall or partition.
  3. @trcd the fridge is 2 ticks! Yeah, i got xiaomi tv 2s, comes with a soundbar and im loving it! Better than expectation. Just that you need a adaptor for the plug. The tv has static when its on. So avoid touching it.
  4. @trcd Hey thanks! Good spot there, it's a panasonic fridge, so far so good. but this is a EOL(end of life) model. I got one of the last pieces display set from Best Denki. Just that will have headache to find the exact fit in future for a replacement to fit into that hole.
  5. After staying in my new home for a month So far so good.
  6. Need some help here, does anyone got lobang for tempered wood pegboards + accessories? Something like this? or this,
  7. @JohnJohn Yes, I had issues with OpenNet (Netlink trust) over the schedule as well. Arranged for timeslot between 9am to 1045am. Receive a text that they will be coming at 10am for the installation, and replied to them that my ID will be there on my behalf. They start bombarding my phone since 9:50am and ultimately one of them by the name of John, in a very rude tone and threaten to go off. Luckily my ID has arrived 10 mins later. I did lodge a complaint to OpenNet after that.
  8. Hi,

    i have seen your post and am wondering if you manage to engage the electrician..and if yes could you kindly share his contact also with me ?

    Thank you so much !


  9. Sorry for the lack of updates, am really busy between work and reno. Am extremely worn out. Lights from Taobao, placed beside my bed MBR toilet vanity finally hang up my painting My loots from Philips Carnival Sale.
  10. ahh, I googled and it's at Malaysia. Seem like you got your stuffs from many different sources. *thumbs up!
  11. @Aeqmal Huat congrats! Looking very good! Great choice of furnishing. I like that sign you put in your tv console, where you get that from?
  12. @lalashir love your choice of wall and floor tiles at your bathroom, turn out very well! We have very similar theme too, white, wood and cement. But adding in black to give a more maculine feel. =)
  13. Day 31 Renovation is like doing up a piece of painting. There's so much layers, so much fine details that we often take for granted. There's abit more work for the carpentry! Aircon have been fitted up nicely! (Apology, forgot to take pictures) Mitsubishi Sys 4 Inverter - MXY-4A28VA, uses a bigger blower for the living room. Starting to lay the cement, kinda nervous how it will turn out. I'm very happy with how the wooden cabinet looks like, and you won't know there's a bombshelter within it. This part of the feature is a full height shoe cabinet Inside the shoe cabinet contains a compartment for my Fibre Broadband. Nicely concealed and I can't stress enough the importance of having a lan network setup next to the router! 4 points, Behind the TV console, Hobby Room, Common Road and MBR. All covered! Even considering to get a range extender/repeater in my hobby room for better wifi coverage for the whole house! MBR Wardrobe. I'm liking it all white, nothing fancy. Less is more. As my place is windy, having the extended half cabinet allows my room to have more circulation when I open up the windows on both sides of the room! Btw, I've also replace the warm lights with coolwhite ones. Don't want the whole house to look too orange. The L shape layout divides the small space into dressing up, and rest! (Will show more updates when the furnitures are in)
  14. Day 27 Things ain't moving really fast and finally the carpentries finally got started and am so excited over this. The whole house has suddenly move on to another stage. When I reached the site, the carpentry master is still at work *thumbs up* The dry kitchen. Kitchen Island and the tall cabinet for fridge + oven. This will also be the food and grocery storage too. Hobby room. I love the open shelves, better than expected. A bay seat with storage is below the window. A better view of the cabinet. Good choice of the wood laminate. give myself a pat. Wet Kitchen, still very raw at this moment. Common Bathroom vanity counter. MBR vanity counter. MBR wardrobe, didnt like the aircon trunking thou...but bobian The feature wall looks like some Coffin now, lol. Can't wait for everything to come together.