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  1. Yes pls keep us updated as I had just installed Blanck Naya 6 just a week ago .....
  2. Highly recommend U Service curtains as well and I also engaged them for Venetian blinds. Their prices is cheapest after 4 quotes including some recommended ones in this forum. I am not related to them in any way but felt good price, service and product should be recommended. Attached their contacts here.
  3. Seems a lot of pple are asking for contacts of U service curtains and blinds. I have just engaged them and post here their name card and details U service June Lim 91381141 65820024 https://www.facebook.com/U-Curtain-Service-singapore-176045582924442/
  4. Thanks for sharing your renovation journey . Looking forward to see the final results of your home!
  5. I experienced this in my flat as well. An expensive shower head gives very weak water pressure while a cheap cheap shower head has proper water pressure. This is why I am not keen to spend on expensive shower heads. In the end, I gave the expensive shower head to my sibling.
  6. Hi, I think ur pm is full. Can you send me uncle p contacts or name of his firm? Thanks!
  7. Hi dietgalvon, I have been following your blog and will definitely look forward to your review on CX. Just so you know, with your detailed accounts and pictures of the problem areas, I find them unacceptable (to me) and I am quite convinced that CX has not been up to standard or value (that you had paid for) as compared to other renovations I have seen. Even if your experience should be considered as an isolated one (to the good experiences that others has attested to), it is not a good enough reason for me to consider them anymore simply because one case is far too many, meaning who knows if they may treat my reno the same as yours!!
  8. Thanks for this blog. Did you choose ID #4? Can you PM his contact?
  9. Hi phantommist, thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. Your preference in certain areas are quite similar to mine (prefer easy access and easy maintenance, L box with down lights, ceiling fan to eliminate standing fan etc). I am in process of buying a (also) resale unit. 1) If you don't mind, can you share where did you buy your lights/down lights, taps/bathroom accessories, TV console, sofa and bed+bed frame? 2) Reason for your choice to install glass back splash in kitchen? Any risk of breakage/crack? Is it easy to maintain? 3) Any problems with your homogeneous tiles so far? Are the grouts in between tiles easy to maintain/clean? 4) Any reason need to "acid wash whole house to remove stains TWICE"? 5) I liked the idea of 2-way light switch at main door and bedroom. How do you put that on contract? 6) Looking back now, what are the things that you would have done differently or regret not doing?