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  1. Not sure. But certain bank do not required you to buy insurance. Do check them out.
  2. I recommended this guy Master Tank in a separate thread which I find not bad. 93428882.
  3. Not so simple. Main, meter etc all must change and also authority approval.
  4. Sorry for the late reply, was oversea for business trip. Just give him a sms, he replied my always within a day. Just find him very easy to talk about other stuffs as well. You can search for his nos. Edit : Replying with reference Master Tank.
  5. Resale not picking up but seem new launch really going up !!! especiallly EC. !!!! Why ? Why ? Impossible.
  6. Hi I just called him. Think he mentioned that for HDB generally less than 1K, for Condo it's from less than 1K to 3, 4K for very big unit and landed may go higher. But he mentioned depends on size. But he really need to call him to get his pricing on per session basis. He seem to give a good price for first timer as well as those who come for a second opinion. Recently, I recommended another frnd who wanted a second opinions. Just for the fun of it, I tag along and my frnd was very impressed as in really impressed.
  7. Hi All Should we invest in another property in 2017 ? Will rate continue to go up ? Will price and rental continue to drop ? Or should we wait till 2018 ?
  8. Tried this master, he is indeed very nice and professional. Was reading this thread and give him a sms. I took his bazi fortune reading just to tried him out at first , the session took more than 2 hrs with all questions answered for myself. He did surprise me and I follow up with Feng Shui for the house. He is patience and when he seeing that all my family members around in the house, he did bazi for each of them at no additional cost (6 in all and free). Yes, I seen quite a few masters. This one price is reasonable if you bargain abit (alot), considering he actually spend a very hefty amount of time with me and my family members to help answer all their questions. Nothing additional and we were not told to buy anything except for a few changes we did wrong. One amazing thought, is that he can tell me the months which we lost money or overspend and even have some additional financial gain.