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  1. Hi all! My friend is doing a survey on weddings for her assignment. Appreciate if you could help: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2HQ59YD Thank you!
  2. Hi all! Just wanted to share our renovation journey. Last November, Mr Lion and I finally secured a SOBF to call our Lions' Den! Frankly, we didn't expect to get the chance to choose because our queue number was 300+? So we were quite stunned when HDB sent us an appointment date for flat selection, and we were super lucky that we managed to choose a high floor 5-room unit in Sengkang that does not get much afternoon sun. Only our living room gets it, but it's indirect and max was around 30-40cm from the windows. As you can see from the floorplan, HDB's architect doesn't consider fengshui when designing. by right, main door shouldn't face kitchen door, as it will cause quarrels because of the "fire" from the kitchen (?), and to make things worse, the main door, kitchen door and service yard door aligns, which some people say is not good for wealth, Our flat comes with internal doors but without tiles, although I wished it didn't come with doors, especially the toilet doors, because I realised HDB also don't put much thought about user-friendliness (which I will explain along the way). We always knew we wanted our house to be scandinavian and ikea-inspired because we like the bright and airy feel. And there must be touch of blue around because that's my favourite colour. So, kiasu us started searching for IDs and contractors once we secure the flat so that we have more time to discuss and decide. Reno is afterall a major decision because 1) you live in the house everyday, and you have to be happy and like what you see 2) it's a big hole in the pockets, 3) you don't want to give yourself more trouble with lousy IDs or contractors. If you have no knowledge on reno at all, I encourage you to visit Musee where a tutorial/ guide tour will be given on the different materials and reno lingos used. It's like going to Jannpaul to learn about diamonds. But of course, after the tutorial/guided tour, your guide who is an ID, will try to sell you their package and convince you to pay a deposit for their "limited time" promo. So you really got to stay firm if you are not ready to commit. Also, IDs that throws in packages may not be a bad thing because the overall costing might be lower to those who itemise each requirements, so you really got to spend some time to calculate the best deal. I found this out only when I was in the final stage of selection. Shall share about my ID-hunting journey in the next post...
  3. Hi all! Letting go the extra lights I bought for my house. Item 1: Scandinavian T5 LED Ceiling Lights ($30 each) Dimensions is 1.2m x 0.2m. Wood grain design. 5 qty left. I used it in my service yard, kitchen and bedrooms. Item 2: Scandinavian Track Lights ($15 each) Wood grain design. 10 qty left. 4 -5 bulbs needed for a 2m track. Note that this does not come with track. Very *****. --------------------------------------------------- Self collect at my place in Sengkang. Extra charges for delivery (Can be discussed if purchasing all). PM if interested!
  4. Hi! Can PM me the contact of your contractor? Your house looks very pretty!
  5. Hi! Can you share your contractor's details? Email: leeyilingsamantha@hotmail.com. Appreciate much!
  6. Hi! Could you pls share ur contractor's details. Email: leeyilingsamantha@hotmail.com Thanks!