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  1. Hi Lucidacid - Was reading your T-blog. Can you please share J+E contact details please?


    Best regards,


  2. Hello Lucidacid

    hihi mind sharing the contact of  the  J+E contractor with me please?

  3. hi could u kindly pm me the contact of J&E pls

    1. mark10


      hi mind sharing the contacts of J&E with me too? or anyone else who got it. Thanks.


  4. Hello Lucidacid!

    I am a to-be new homeowner of a BTO flat and I came across your very informative posts on Renotalk.
    Thank you for sharing in details your experiences and your super beautiful home, I am convinced I need to engage contractor J+E!
    Could you share with me the contact details for contractor J+E please?
    Looking forward to hear from you! :)

    1. mark10


      hi mind sharing the contacts of J&E with me too? or anyone else who got it. Thanks.

  5. Hi there! saw your stucco wall from your reno pics. mind sharing the cost and the contact of the stucco wall contractor? thanks!

  6. Hi lucidacid,

    Thanks for sharing your story, a great help for us going thru the Reno process soon . Meanwhile , would you mind sharing the J&E's contact details?


    thanks in advance :)

    1. mark10


      hi mind sharing the contacts of J&E with me too? or anyone else who got it. Thanks.

  7. Hi Lucidacid

    Read your blog, can PM me Contractor J + E no.?

  8. Hello there,

    U had a beautiful house without engaging an ID.

    Congrats on your wedding too!  I hope you will be back to renotalk soon! Or still honeymoon?? :wub:

    I am also one of the many that wish to have J&E contact.

    Hope you reply when you see this message! =))


    1. mark10


      hi mind sharing the contacts of J&E with me too? or anyone else who got it. Thanks.

  9. Sorry! Gonna disappear from Renotalk until my wedding is over! In the midst of preparing for our wedding in less than a month's time, and planning our month long honeymoon. Please forgive me! On hiatus until 1st December! Anyway contractor J&E has told me to advise everyone not to contact them for their services until next year because they are so packed, they can hardly breathe. HAHAH <-- They say one. Sorry! And thanks (:
  10. Pm-ed you! Got it from Sofa is from Castlery and Tv console is from grafunkt! (: PM-de you! Spent about 2.5k? Alright. I understand your concerns. To answer your questions, I actually called HDB again and clarified from J&E. It is a must to engage HDB-registered renovation contractor if you are planning to hacking works. (Do check the FAQ section on HDB's website) Your fine of $5000 only applies to those who did illegal works such as hacking the ceiling in order to conceal the wires for lighting, etc. For any firm or contractors to register with HDB, they have to be in the industry for at least a year. So for J&E, they engaged their sister firm (Sub con) which is HDB-registered to do any hacking works. As of now, they will be HDB-registered in 3 months time. I would appreciate if you call J&E to clarify with them if you are interested because ultimately I'm not their ambassador. Information is so readily available, I was baffled why it wasn't understood. Regardless, they are now full and will not be taking any more projects this year. Also, they advised people who are afraid or scared should not engage them. So if you still feel apprehensive about it, I would suggest that you give J&E a miss. Honestly, when I engaged them I did call HDB to check and I got a green light. Could be the way the question was asked or understood. You scared me quite a bit there. Hope I answered your question.
  11. Pm-ed you! Pm-ed you! Will upload it when I'm free! Really really tied up these few months due to my upcoming wedding...! Sorry! Pm-ed you! Pm-ed yoU! It was a bulk purchase with my neighbours. My neighbour was the one who had the contact. Will check with her and get back to you again!a I lost contractor A's contact when I dropped my phone into a bucket of water on 2 months ago! Nevertheless, Pm-ed you the name so you can try googling. Sorry, because I can only answer the questions which are easily answered, I'll put yours on hold. Have to find again since my phone dropped into a bucket of water two months ago.
  12. Pm-ed you! Pm-ed you! PM-ed you! Pm-ed you! Pm-ed you! Pm-ed you!
  13. Pm-ed you! Pm-ed you! My contractor had a huge piece of glass, and glued the thin strips of powder coated aluminum. It does not hold any weight of the glass. It is about 15mm - 20mm wide! Pm-ed you! They don't quote until they get accurate measurements from the actual site (: Pm-ed you. I found them here, in renotalk forum. Pm-ed you!
  14. Pm-ed you! Sorry, I'm not sure. I did not liase with TB sellers directly. I used 65daigou agent! (: My contractors removed the metal cover, placed plaster board over the hole and cut out the vertical lines! (: Pm-ed you! (: Thanks! (: Pm-ed you! Thanks! (: Pm-ed you! Pm-ed you! Nope we brought it down to throw them away already ):
  15. Yes! The light is bright enough for my living room and the wind is okay. I wouldn't consider it very strong but it is enough for me! (: Hi! I got it from Ambience Labz in Ubi! Pm-ed you (: Hi, The wind produced by the fan is okay. I wouldn't consider it very strong. There are stronger ones by fanco but we chose this instead. Nope! It is not noisy at all! I can only hear the wind if I switch it on to high speed. Pm-ed you! (: Thank you thank you thank you! (: Pm-ed you! Hope all goes well for you too!