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  1. recently work went into some blunders and some serious probs occur, guess its gonna be more stressed for me now. My salary is almost same as my hb, so need both person salary. Moreover, i need to feed my parents and younger sibling. Now i feel so stressed that i wonder should i consider to find another job that is less stressful (but too late to change job now that ored preggy). The problem with the mindset of the employers in singapore is that, they tend to tink that it is that they can pick on the interviewees.. but they never consider that they also need to win over the interviewees.
  2. I spoke to HR and they say the hours off arrangement is a special arrangement which boss must allow (not HR policy) so if like this, I think my boss won't agree (he is v kia si). Gynae say can give MC, but even that may take up to 8-9 days for the whole year (even if each appt is half day MC), probably will scrap away all my MCs. I was hoping to save up as much leave and MC as possible in case may need to take extra for any emergency on top of maternity leave. Cos i seen complications in my colleague case before and she has to take leave on top of maternity leave. Maybe i won't even ask him, I think i dun dare to ask him in case he may start to grumble again.. (dislike to hear him nag).. I just take MC then.. but will explain it is for gynae appt so he won't tink why i keep falling sick. For emergency leave, I have to personally call him and explain the reason. I used to tell him personal reason but he insist to know WHAT personal reason. Even if i take leave for more than 3 days, I have to tell him the reason and for what etc. And mind, he is not my leave approver. He is our team head but he is so strict on leave that my leave approver feel so stressed (having to answer his questions on why and who take leave etc) that I always choose to explain to him first before i take leave so my leave approver won't face the stress. And my leave approver, having to cover all our work when we go on leave, will always have to discuss with us and arrange so that we dun take leave that crash with each other. Other teams, they took leave together also nothing will happen, they just take and go. I have a clerk who took 1 mth for holiday, also nothing happen. (she belong to another team).
  3. Ang Mo Kio hub level 3, there is whole row of shops are for children and maternity stuff.
  4. The government link of all family centres are as follows: MCYS http://app.mcys.gov.sg/web/serv_dss_main_r...t_region_vm.asp Fei Yue Community Services http://www.fycs.org/ Fei Yue has a series of branches. Another centre:- TOUCH Counselling & Social Support Blk 162 Bukit Merah Central #05-3545 Singapore 150162 Tel: 6317 9988 Fax: 6317 9989 http://www.tcs.org.sg
  5. Fei Yue family centre has counselling for marriage and family issues.
  6. Thank u, guess i have to struggle to "fight" for my rights then.. as for the informal time off which my other colleagues are getting, guess if he doesn't grant me I also cannot complain bec' it is not a stated company rule/privilege.
  7. He has probably gone for a few crash workshops organised by the company but i dun tink he has done any management course. He belongs to the old thinking manager school. He even said the other team female colleagues take maternity leave is very shiok - can relax at home. I guess only when his daughter grows older and married, have kids then he will understand (he marry late so his daughter is still young). But i guess besides complaining and giving trouble, he cannot do much becos our company is pro-family. The problem is I am probably his first female staff who is going to have to take maternity leave and stuff like that. And i have to test his limits and fight for these entitlements i guess. As for promotion, hopefully after more staff left the company, HR will give him pressure to promote more staff.
  8. If the wife believe the hb is having other women outside, she may not hesitate to claim alimony.. However I wonder in the case if the wife earns more than the hb, will alimony be the other way around? Anyway it is always bad when it comes to such state.. if separation is on peaceful terms, maybe alimony won't be an issue (both parties can talk), the worst is both parties cannot talk liao (refuse to tok to each other).
  9. He is married with one kid. He go holiday with his kid during december. No all his team is single and beyond age 30 and not married. 2 is already confirmed not marrying. Last time got 1 guy colleague married but all the years never have any kid. Then later he has kid and he need to take leave etc, then my boss didn't give him promotion and my male colleague left the company. Lucky i just got promotion recently before i have kid so I guess i am saved for a few years (since few years won't have another promotion) but i guess leave is still v hard to take as usual. I have to book my leave 2-3 months ago, and he can still complain. Last year for my wedding, i take 2 days for my wedding photoshoot and he complain to my manager why let me take leave when my project is doing TOP, but I book my leave 2 months ago (and who knows the TOP is delayed for 2 mths so how am i to know it will delay). For gynae checkup, my colleagues will take time off from their superior (even if they dun have any time-off to take) for checkup so they dun have to use their leave or MC. BUt i tink my boss being so stingy, he won't allow me to use time-off so most likely I have to use leave for my gynae checkup dunno if got enuff leave or not.. sob.
  10. I still prefer clipsal than MK. but utimately i chose MK cos of budget constraint.
  11. Ya as i have said in my above earlier posting that alimony can be requested even if no kids, as long as wife can show her contribution to the family (in terms of housework / bills contribution) and that her hb got give her some money/allowance.
  12. If u get marble, most of the time the marble can be frm China. There are likely problems of encountering holes coming out from the tiles over time, marble tiles crack for no reason etc. Unless u willing to pay more and have means to get real Italy marble tiles, maybe it is really worth the quality. Else i will suggest u get homogeneous tiles (from malaysia) than marble tiles (made in china). Granite tiles are easier to maintain than marble tiles but there are few choices in terms of asethetics. It is also grand in looking but is more durable than marble. Homogeneous tiles does not require grinding or polishing thats why it is low maintenance.
  13. Bakerzin cake is quite good. I bot one for my bro bday and it taste well. I myself always order from Angie the choice, and the taste is always good. I order my customary cakes (for xia ping) from Crystal Jade and they are good too, all my relatives says the cakes are v nice. My mum ever bot a cake from Mandarin for my bday, its nice too got some wine.
  14. Ya he prefer us to take leave like half day half day type.. not one shot a few days to 1-2 weeks.