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  1. Thanks, flyingballoons! Please share on your reno experience too so everyone can learn & get useful tips I've gotten soooo much useful info and reliable recommendations from this forum
  2. Dear RT members My ID was Mr K, hence i cant reali give constructive feedback on other Idealhouse IDs I had, however, a wonderful reno experience with Mr K Quotation wise, mine was dated waaaay back in 2006. If anyone of you is really interested in getting Idealhouse to do up your homes, do contact them to provide a quotation based on your requirements Dimensons, materials, amt of carpentry & hacking works, will affect the overall price. I hope anyone of you wont feel offended as I really think its not fair to Idealhouse to be giving out 2006 prices as reference & it really wont be of much use unless you are doing the exact same works Happy reno-ing everyone!
  3. Taiji, my flat was done by My K as well Agree with you dat Mr K is a gem. I do tink he is pretty overloaded now thou. I was lucky as when i signed up with Mr K, he wasn't as busy hence, able to spend more time on my reno. I tink one of my frens approached him last yr but was told he was bz with his wedding preps, haha~ I tink, when service is good & price is reasonable, word spreads fast. But this may result in unrealistic expectations. Im sure there r many IDs who are as good. I rem i approached Ho Bee as well but cos their biz was sooo good, they didnt have time to get back to me. Which is fine becos if they r too bz, they may not be able to deliver the goods on time. Hence i ended up with Mr K but he turns out to be just as great. So, i hope peeps out there who arent able to catch hold of Mr K, wont be too disappointed. Looking for an ID is not an easy task. There must be chemistry between the ID & urself. U need someone who has the time for you & ur reno works. Trust ur instincts when it comes to getting an ID & you wont go wrong. Of cos, we as customers must be reasonable as well. It doesnt mean we pay $, we r king. IDs are human, juz like us Good luck to everyone & i hope u guys will be able to get a delicated ID.
  4. Piglet0481, i tink most of the newly-weds will face the same prob. Im married for more than 2.5yrs but i have zero urge for a kid. I duno when i will ever be ready but i noe die die i need to produce at least one. Whether we can afford a kid is one prob. How the kid can survive in sg in future is another concern. Sometimes, feel dat bringing them into this world, only means suffering for them, lol. But i guess we all live in this v traditional society where pro-creation is almost a must. Else its not like a 'real' family. And when we die, no-one to send us off, lol.
  5. Hi Flo If ur hb says he only did it for fun & it isnt serious, he has to prove to u with actions. Wat will he do now to cut off all contact with dat woman? He has to tell u wat he will do to salvage the marriage & show dat he reali is doing something. Change his hp bills to itemised billing (his call records will all be shown on the bill)? Change job (if dat woman is a colleague)? Call u more often to 'report' w/o u having to track him? He has to be open abt his movements now. For the time being, u will experience mood swings. Sometimes u will feel dat u can forgive him & deal with it. Sometimes, u will hate him to the core. Watever it is, the mood swings will pass. When they pass, dat is the time to re-think & re-call. Watever happen, it takes 2 hands to clap. Dun blame urself, dun blame him. But try looking ur marriage from a 3rd party's point of view. Hope u can find peace soon....
  6. Annulment is possible even if the marriage is more than one yr. Can annul if the marriage is un-consummated either due to one party's wilful refusal or inability to perform the act loh. Or the victim is 'conned' into the marriage. Or one of the parties is of unsound mind. Or if the woman already impregnanted by some other persons other than the hb. Or if one of the parties got veneral disease. Anyway, point is, annulment is not based on length of marriage. So it is entirely possible. But if annul & the flat is less than 5yrs old, the flat will be confiscated by HDB. But annulment got its good points as ur fren can get back her single status which is v impt. In case she remarries & need to buy another flat. Dat will affect her housing loan loh. It will affect her income tax as well.
  7. Oi Cantona, lol. Doing fine now, lol. Nearing CNY, time to clean hse again *faint*
  8. Hi all, no time no see! I've received a number of PMs but becos i hardly log in nowadays, didnt reply in time, so sori! To all who had PMed me, pls feel free to click on the link at my signature & it will bring u to a page where most of my post-reno pics are. Understd that its pretty tedious to have to read thru so many pages so hope the link can help all newbies out there. Happy Reno-ing everyone!
  9. cheesecake


    LOL..if i have bb liao, i wont upgrade already...where got the time & $$$??? i tink i will concuss My hb also wana try for a bb rite after AD but im not keen leh..cos i still got things to do...i also duno how... But i tink most part-time degrees will require at least 2yrs rite? Those with relevant dip can complete in 2yrs provided they pass everything at first try loh....Dats true, got the From & To. Come to tink of it, if im the boss, i will also find those 1-yr degrees rather dubious.... Diva, since u noe more abt this, hope u can advise me also....Cos at first, im looking at the local part-time biz ad dip from SP. It will take me 4yrs to complete....I find dat its abit too long but again, i dun have enuf $ to embark on a 3-yr part-time degree course from UniSim as well. Hence, im actually trying to see where i can get a dip so dat it allows me to enter year 2 of the part-time degree. UniSim part-time dips will take 2yrs. Full-time is one yr. Most of my frens are holding local uni certs so they cant help me much also. For me, i cant be like ur bro, take NUS part-time degree rite? Cos local unis have stricter criteria, not any dogs & cats can juz take up part-time there loh. To b frank, i find dat no matter how i research, i get conflicting info & views evwhere so its rather hard for me to decide. For the 4-yr part-time dip from SP, they also dun allow students to defer shld the need arise. Rather confused now...Getting a degree now is not an option so im lookin at dip. I juz went to find out, the 14mth part-time advanced dip im looking at, takes 9mths if its full-time....wat u tink??....
  10. cheesecake


    Hi Diva...at first hor, dats wat i feel too. But a few colleagues told me dat even for students taking full-time, they dun study 5 days a week, 8hrs a day. They also have lectures & tutorials spread out. So sometimes will have lessons, sometimes dun have so no need to go sch lor. So 3yrs aint reali 3 yrs. But i see the part-time progs for UniSim, reali xiong...reali hesitate as my brain now is 80% rotten already & im not sure if i can pass so tot of gg for a dip first. Btw, got places where u can get degrees in 1-2yrs?? So far i've checked, for dip holders, at least 2yrs loh....For me, cfm is 3 yrs at least....So u mean u doubt dat the 14month advanced dip dat im considering to get wont get me far? This advanced dip can let me go to year 2 of the part-time degree programmes if i pass.... I dun tink companies will ask how long it took for us to complete our upgrading but they will see our certs are obtained from where? Cos no matter where we study at, at the end of the day, the one who give us the cert is the 'original' sch loh...Like whether i study at SIM or Stansfield, if the programme is an UOL programme, the cert wont mention anything abt SIM or Stansfield...will juz state its UOL...i tink its lidat. But duration wont put there lar
  11. Not true dat pte students gota wait longer for practical...i tink its heng suay...i see quite alot of students waiting up to 3mths for the next practical..quite long also loh. I only waited one mth for my 3rd practical, lol. but for the 2nd practical test, i waited for 3mths. So i guess its luck lor... Karen is rite. Blindspot is super impt. If nv learn correct techniques while learning to drive, pass liao go out become road hazard. Air, dun wori...treat it like u r ferrying ur tester to some place. I took 3 times then pass loh, hehe...I always fail at circuit as my steering is s.h.i.t Keep calm...u already noe how to drive...u juz have to show it to dat uncle nia. When i finally got my license after 8mths of lessons & 3 tests...yeah! No need to kenna honk by stupid drivers already. but, abit miss the days of having 'L' plate. Cos everyone will siam me...lol.
  12. Me too..had a good experience with Jetstar. Abit cramped thou as my hb is quite tall but overall ok leh. I tink the most impt thing is the seats allocation loh. Juz check in earlier & they will even ask u if u wan emergency seats boh, lol. But i've nv tried Tiger or Air as most frens say Jetstar more comfy...but its mainly cos i wana shop at T1
  13. Prettibride, thanks for advice! Errr...im not dat 'western' type, most like 'hokkien' type 16 days u also feel its too rushed? Dats wat im worried abt also...but i feel dat if go on tour with local ones, cfm is touch & go type lor. And the prices are quite cheap compared to the ones offered by Insight & Globus.. But how do u F&E? I feel quite intimidated by the prospect of gg F&E. We arent reali interested in visiting alot of places at one go, preferably juz concentrate on Switzerland only. Read dat the train system in Switzerland runs like clockwork & shld have no problem getting around but i scared leh...Do u plan to go F&E to europe again soon? heh....